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Flying with aps

We are about to make a short hall flight to jersey from england. This is to celebrate or ruby wedding. We have not flown since my husband had a stroke 2 weeks after returning from Portugal. I have always been suspicious about he possibility it was related to the flight. This was his 3rd stroke and a big one!! No doctor has ever confirmed nor dismissed my thoughts. Our hopoe is that a short hall will be Ok ,1 hour. We shall endeavour to get a high inr reading about 3.5 or just above thasts the range hospital allows for my husband I do know others of you have higher ranges. We have wondered about taking a mini asprin to support the thinning around the time of flying has anyone else done or heard of this?

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So your husband is on warfarin and has an INR of around 3.5. Im assuming he has APS as you didn't say and that the cause of his strokes was APS??

A one hour flight to Jersey should not cause any difficulties but I can understand your anxiety after his last stroke and its association with the flight to Portugal, but that is a much longer flight. The short hop to Jersey should not be an issue.

My advise would be to make sure your husbands INR is in range, that he is well hydrated both before during and after the flight and journey. That he does not get anxious and keeps as calm as possible. That you allow plenty of time going to the airport so if there are any hiccups he does not get stressed and that goes for you too!!

Make sure he is wearing lose relaxed clothing and support stocking right up to his thigh (get them prescribed if necessary for correct fit). Id also get a wheelchair organized by the airline both to and from checkin to the aircraft side so he has no standing and waiting to do anywhere, especially going through security. They will organize this both legs of the journey.

Last of all, have a wonderful trip and congratulations on your Ruby Wedding - Ive just had mine too! x


Nice advice and I agree. MaryF


I suffered a stroke back in 2011. It was a big one. My third in fact. I don't even recall the other two, but, the hospital determined this after a cat. scan.

I ended up in hospital for 128 days. Could not walk, and lost my " short term memory" . If you saw me now, you wouldn't think I had suffered a stroke. I'm on a daily dose of Warfarin.

As far as I am concerned, my stroke was caused by being literally trapped in a " Y" class seat. I didn't need a toilet break, so didn't get up and stretch my legs as I normally would have done. The flight was about 9 hours, Bangkok to Australia. About a week after that flight, was when I suffered the stroke.

My target INR is 2.2 ~ 2.5 .

My doctor has cleared me for travel, but I will not fly in " Y " class again.


Your INR 2.2 - 2.5 is quite too low. You are not properly anticoagulated at that INR with our illness.

I guess you have a Doctor who does not know what APS stands for - too thick blood! Try to get a Specialist who understands that we need an INR of 3.0 to avoid clots. To have a Specialist of APS (there are very few of them) is very important.

I fell best (no symptoms) when my INR is near 4.0. I selftest here in Stockholm.

Best wishes from Kerstin


Thanks for the reply, but, I have had a few doctors in the past few years, due to a couple of apartment moves .... I'm " alive and kicking", so, that's all that matters.


No, that is not all that matters! I know what I am talking of.

Perhaps you have not been tested for APS and in that case it explains why the INR is so low.

Do you have a diagnose of APS?



I don't even know what APS is. I did have 128 days in hospital, and, 5 times a week ( not on weekends), they would come along and draw blood out of me. Initially, I could not even walk, and the hospital had to teach me to walk. I had " short term memory loss", as well. Slowly that improved as well.

I wasn't allowed to drive a car for 7 months.

If you saw me now, you wouldn't think I suffered a stroke.


Thanks for the reply , I think all of us are different so our INR ranges can vary . Like Gearsu my therapeutic range is 2-3 with a target of 2.5, This was decided my by haematologist following a saddle PE and diagnosis of APS.

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Keep getting up from seat and having a look break. Do leg and feet exercises while sat and take plenty of fluids. ..not alcohol. Wear good flights socks. Get your INR checked before you go and relax and have a great holiday.

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My INR can be erratic so I keep clexane in the bathroom cupboard. I have had a stroke, very bad arterial clots and PE's but was told that as long as I am above 3 I am safe to fly, and if below 3 safe to fly if I use clexane.

Interestingly I have been told not to wear flight stockings as I the clot in my leg was arterial and needed surgery.

Enjoy your trip!

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I too was told not to wear stockings as I had a serious clot in my leg but I did not need surgery the doctor said this was because blood flow in my leg was limited and stockings suppress blood flow


The most recent HSF Newsletter (issue no. 41) has a really useful article about flying. Sorry, I can't see how to share as its opened in pdf viewer 😏 I'm sure if you contacted Kate Hindle she could email you a copy x


Most of my thrombotic events have happened post flying and post delivery of children. Aps not fab gives amazing advice. Since being diagnosed and on treatment I have flown a fair bit up to 6 hours . I sometimes get puffy ankles on longer flights but other than that no significant happenings. I make sure I'm at the top end of my range when flying going out but never know what I am coming back .


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