A new (Dutch)APS Website

A new (Dutch)APS Website

Yesterday we launched a new website for Dutch people with the antiphospholipid syndrome! The website is made in consultation with the medical staff of the leading APS hospitals in Holland. The website contains medical information, understandable information, information for those who are just diagnosed and information for family members. All information is medically checked.

Check it out for yourself: antifosfolipidensyndroom.nl/

5 Replies

  • This is great news, thank you for putting this on here.... MaryFx

  • I made the website myself mary

  • So useful, another link which I will be using! Thanks again. MaryF

  • Great news indeed. Dave

  • Congratulations Sander - you've clearly been busy as usual!

    I will add a link from our charity's website when I get a moment. Slightly busy with the fallout from the House of Lords and planning Patients' Day, but it will happen :)

    Hope all is good with you,


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