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Hi All

I know a lot of our charity's members are already media volunteers - thank you to our 120 brave people :)

We will be launching a new website this autumn and will be featuring a case of the month including a picture of the person.

I just wanted to give you the opportunity to become a media volunteer if it appeals to you.

Please contact me on if you would like me to send you the questionnaire.

I'm afraid this only applies to people in the UK - no offence to anyone overseas but journalists here only want case studies from the UK - sorry!



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  • Yes you can count me in. I think the more of us the better and on some days, some of us may feel to be-fuddled and have to say pass, and on other days feel up for it! Great news. Mary F x

  • Hi Kate

    Yes me too!! Will mail you

    Hugs Sheena xxx :-)

  • I think I filled this in Kate.

    Am I still on the list? If not let me know and I will do it again.

    Regards Sue

  • Thank you to everyone who has email asking for the questionnaire. Mary and Sue - you've already been good and are in the database.

  • Count me in Kate!!! Oh, and I may be in London for a day or two beginning of July....

  • Thanks Kristina but I'm afraid it only applies to people in the UK :( UK journalists and media only want stories from the UK - maybe when APS is recognised throughout the world, we will have an international charity :)

    Let me know when you're in London - I'm off for a much needed flop and drop in Corfu from 6th July though.

  • hi Kate I am happy to be included

  • Can you email me then please Sharon - Thanks :)

  • Kate

    You have my story, so I'm in. I cannot wait until the new website is launched.

  • I know TJ - yours is one of the most shocking so I will definitely be asking you for a photo to go on our front page! I'm going to be emailing the media volunteers over the summer for photos of themselves - I know some people will freak and not want to do it but other will ... I hope :)

  • hi kate i believe i did complete a questionnaire for this but can you check to see if you did receive it? many thanks kath

  • Hi Kath

    No, I never did receive the questionnaire although you did ask for one some time ago. Perhaps it's lurking somewhere on your desktop?

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