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APS specialists in Dundee

Hello. The Hughes Syndrome Foundation has received suggestions regarding two doctors in Dundee who may be APS specialists and who we could add to our website list. However, we would like to know if anyone here either knows them or has been seen by them and can recommend them as APS specialists who we can contact.

One is Dr Bains and the other is Professor Belch, both at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee.Please let us know if you have any relevant information and details (eg, speciality, contact information etc) on either of these doctors. Thank you. Yvonne Wren (Administration Support Officer, Hughes Syndrome Foundation)

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Hi if I see any mention in any other posts, other than this will alert you directly. Thanks. MaryF


Hi, I am seen by both these Doctors (every 3 months). Professor Jill Belch was recommended to me by Professor Hughes and Professor Khamashta. She doesn't do all the clinics so not always guaranteed to see her. Her colleague Dr Colin Baines however spends a lot more time in the hospital. He has been very helpful and taken very good care of me. The address for correspondence is:

Medicine and Cardiovascular Group

Medicine Directorate

Acute Services Division

NHS Tayside

Ninewells Hospital



Telephone: 01382 633883

Good luck!

Avril x


That's brilliant to know. Thank you, Avril. We'll add them to the APS specialist database, if they are happy to be named on there. Yvonne


I too go to ninewells but see dr doney he is extremelly clued up on aps. Also see dr gentleman from victoria hospital in dundee. The latter deals with brain injuries. 2 strokes in 2 years only found aps on second stroke. Ninewells are a teaching hospital and really know their stuff.


Thank you Molly. I saw your previous post and when I researched them, they looked more academic than clinical, so it's good to hear from a patient that they are clued up to APS! We'll ask them if they are happy to be added to the APS specialist database. Yvonne


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