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Understanding INR?


I have only recently been diagnosed after having 4 miscarriages, although have now found that most of the symptoms of "depression/anxiety " I have had over the years (migraines, chronic fatigue and joint pain) are actually down to APS... I knew I wasn't depressed just thought maybe I was going a bit nuts and imagining it, lol.

Anyway I see many of you talk about your INR level being important to how you feel, especially in terms of brain function (mine at the moment seems to barely function at all)

My INR in Feb was 1.0 and I have today been put on low dose aspirin to complement the amitriptyline and hydroxychloriquine. I havent had any strokes or DVT but does this seem a low INR? And any info on how long it takes the aspirin to bring it up a little and hopefully lift the 'brain fog'??

Thanks in advance 😊

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Hello and welcome.

Aspirin does not affect INR levels at all, it has an anti-platelet action, not an anticoagulation action. You only need to have regular INR tests if you are on Warfarin.

Where are you from and who is managing your APS? This information will help us to help you.

Best wishes.



Thanks Dave.

That makes sense as to why the dr didnt seem too worried about my INR. I am on the IOW (UK) and have had 2 appts now with a Rheumatologist.

Hopefully once the Planquil takes effect and the fatigue subsides that'll be enough to sort my head out.


Thanks for your reply.

Many members on here need to be anticoagulated, with an INR in the region of 3.5 to 4.0 before their symptoms, especially migraines, brain fog and memory problems, become manageable.

Have a look at this link, for APS specialists:



My current INR goal is 3 - 3.5. It was raised a couple months ago from 2.5 - 3. I've also gone from being tested once per month to once every week or two. I was continuing to have new brain lesions appear on my MRIs. Recent MRI has no new ones since increase in both range and test frequency.


Good to hear!



An INR of 1 is the figure for anyone not on any form of warfarin anticoagulation. It is a normal baseline for the general public.

Plaquenil works as an antiplatelet but is stronger than aspirin alone.


CharH - As you now know your INR is irrelevant. Your Doctor has obviously decided to put you on Aspirin rather than start you on warfarin because so far you have had no clotting incidents. providing this controls your symptoms then this will be all you need I would think. As you say you will need to see how the Plaquenil works out and then reassess. That too has some anticoagulation properties and can take up to 3 months to fully kick in.

If after all that time things have not improved you will have to reassess medications as there are others like Clopidogrel you can ask your GP to consider for you before you even have to think about warfarin.


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