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my range is 3-4 and today it was 4 and wonder how many of you take the dose for this. I am going on Monday to have a recheck at haem.

Looking at my yellow book, I have different dosage for INR of 4, its never the same. Sometimes it 3mg, or 3mg one day or 4mg the next - gets so confusing. Also what symtoms does one get when it is high? I notice that when it is high my head feels warm, when my INR is low, I am dizzy, numbness and cold.

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I take 8mg, my INR range is 3 - 4, last week it was 4.6 but she kept me on same dose as mine can go awol, this week it was 3.1!, but I think as a general rule they look at what your INR has been doing, and if suddenly up they may reduce dose slightly, if it is due to other meds, they take another route


My range is 3-4 and I take 2mg and 1,5mg alternate days. If it goes up I miss a dose and if it goes down I take mg extra. Love MaryH xxx


Mine went up to 4.2 on 3.5mg and down to 3.0 on 3.0mg and my target is 3.5. Some days its up around 3.6 on the 3mg so we are staying on the 3mg for the next week or so.

Everyone needs a different dosage to maintain the INR so comparing doses is not that helpful. You will probably find some who need more than 10mg to maintain their INR.

Also it depends on whether you are on Marevan or coumadin as the doses vary between the two and they aren't interchangeable..

You will probably also find that some can feel a difference with a high or low INR and others can't and what they feel may vary too.

At 4.2 I felt fine, below about 3.5 and I feel terrible. Back to headaches, fuzziness, dizzy, sluggish, twitching, cramps etc Haven't been higher than 4.2 so not sure how a really high INR would affect me.


Hi daisy,

as everyone has said above everyone is diffrent and in some people they will take a high does of warferin and sill have a low INR level. You will also find that it really does depend on:





other meds (antibiotics)

Vit K intake


can all have an impact on how your warferin changes your INR

Again as people have said above everyone is effected diffrently i am fine at a INR of 4 above that i get heat rash and feel like in a suana below 3 and i start to feel awful it is so diffrent you need to find what works for you, speak to your doc and heamo nurse



Thanks allfor replying - like you Paddy above 4 and I feel hot inside and then when below 3.5 ish start feeling worse.



i think it is going to be one of those things of seeing what works am happy to compare notes



I take 10 mg daily and my INR stays around 3. want it to be higher but the doc isnt allowing it.



I am currently taking 5mg and my INR went up to 4 and my best is around 3.5-6 any higher I get warm head, dizziness etc. Going tomorrow for recheck and the last couple of days its been pins, needles and slightheadaches. I will self test in am before going and compare.

At last the sun is shining which makes me feel better although I get so cold which I understand is through Warfarin. My hubby says how can I be so cold, I actually have goosebumps over arms and he is hot.


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