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Hi guys

Karen again. As im so new too all of this and not having seen my hemologist speacilist as yet ( appointment booked for the 29th sep perth western australia)

My last INR said my reading was at 0.9

After reading all the latest discussions most have said their readings should be around 3.0 ???

So is mine way too low ?

Sorry im so green on all of this. I am currently only on asprin.

I have had a brain stroke which is why this was discovered thinking it may be MS with all my symptoms.

Thanks for the help.


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Hi Karen.

What medication are you taking, as INR is only affected by taking Warfarin.



Hi Dave

Currently only on Asprin.


Hi Karen,

As Dave has said you do not take INR when you are on Aspirin. That is not an anticoagulation drug as Warfarin and Fragmin for ex.

Before I started Warfarin they thested my INR-level and it was 1.0. Most people who are not on anticoagulation have that level.

Perhaps it is that INR-number you mention now (0.9). Hope you see your Specialist of APS soon and can start your anticoagulation therapy. I guess you have not yet started taking Warfarin-tablets?

Let us hear from you how it goes!


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Hi there, you have had two sensible answers, your INR does not apply until you are on Warfarin. Please do have a really good look around the charity website for all the information, plus reading the posts on here from all the different members is always a learning curve, best wishes. MaryF



Than why would they have me on Asprin if its not an anticoagulant medication. ??

Thats what I was told as it thins the blood.

cant wait to see the hematology special ist to sort this out.

I have check out the website.

Thanks again.


It's an anti-platelet medication that makes the platelets less sticky. Anti-coagulants work differently and generally lengthen the clotting time.


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Aspirin has an effect on a different part of the clotting cycle and is an antiplatelet drug. It is often enough for APS patients unless they have symptoms other than infertility. I was on aspirin for 8 years post diagnosis t an IVF clinic. This is the recommended treatment for gynecological APS (i.e. only miscarriages and fertility issues). The aspirin allowed me to conceive and then post pregnancy remain well for 8 years. It also stopped my migraines in 1 week!

I was only switched to warfarin after a transient stroke and following advice to the stroke unit by a hematologist.

INR is specific to warfarin and will be 0.5 -1 in any non-anticoagulated patient.

See the link below which explains the difference between antiplatelet and anticoagulants. Both are effective treatments to prevent clot formation.

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Thanks Dave. Im generally so confused about all this and at a loss right now.

Thanks for the help again. pretty well confused and fuzzy logic most of the time anyway 😊


Hi again Karen,

I was on Aspirin after my first TIAs and ev ministroke 13 years ago. It helped me a lot but after an Operation I was worse and several doctors told me to start Warfarin.

I was very suspisious to start Warfarin at first but after I read "Sticky Blood Explained" by Kay Thackray I understood that i had APS because I had the same symptoms like her. The bloodtests showed all the three antibodies positive and in high titres. They are still high.

At that time I knew nothing about APS and it was less doctors knowing about it also.

I want to wish you GOOD LUCK now and hope you have found a doctor who really is a Specialist as this is exstremely important to be right treated. This illness is for life but with the right treatment you can feel much better.


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Thank you kerstin

I have just read sticky blood by Kay and yes my symptons tick off one by one as she described.

I have actually come to conclusion that I have had this for a very long time. I recently discovered that perthes disease which I had as a child can be caused by aps. I had that a 7 yrs.

Great information. Thank you so much.


After the antibodies have been detected in my blood, I was put on aspirin. They switch to coumadin after I had a TIA.

I was told that there are many people who have the antibodies without any health problems. For these patient there is no reason to take a drug who interact with a lot of food and drugs and has hemorrhagic risks.

Aspirin is an easy drug, with almost no risk. If there is not a clotting event there is no reason to take coumadin

I was surprised that your INR was less than 1. I found in wikipedia that the normal range is between 0.8 and 1.2. So with 0.9 you have a normal INR as it should be for someone who doesn't take Coumadin.


Hi Dave

I read the same thing but I have had a Stroke to the brain so that is how after all my symptons for last years had come to the a head.

At first they thought I was looking at ms after countless testing mri's cat scans ect.

My blood was tested by a speacilist that picked it up.

There was another anticoagulant blood test done which picked up the "sticky blood".

I have also previously had perthes disease that can be a secondary cause of Asp.

I have found that one out myself.

My conclusion is that I have had this for many many years without it being detected.

Hopefully after my next speacilist visit. I can get some more answers.




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