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A big welcome to our new Adminstrator KellyinTexas


We are all very pleased that KellyinTexas has agreed to be an administrator with us,. she has been busy answering questions in detail with a lot of expertise for a long time now, so this is a natural progression of that. It will also help us straddle the time zones a little. So a big cheer from us lot. Thank you very much for agreeing to do this KellyInTexas MaryF

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I’m happy to pay it forward, and am eager to continue to learn along side everyone.

Well deserved and thanks for all that you contribute!


Welcome Kelly, your support and experience is going to be very valued.

Yay Kelly, My T. hero!!!! It's wonderful to have Kelly on our side along with the other great administrators on this site. Thank you for your offering Kelly and thank you to our other administrators. We value and appreciate all of you!!!

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Our other Texan! ( well, she got here as fast as she could, as we native Texans say about our new Texans we cherish!)

This kind lady has gently offered to drive to me and hold my hand recently in sickness.

Wow. I hope I can take her up on her offer for something a lot more fun! Like... shopping and coffee in Fredericksburg? That’s 1/2 way for you!

Congratulations Kelly. You have helped me in past with questions. I applaud you on being on the team as Administrator. Big hugs

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Laiety Lodge lovers and rope swinging in the Frio! Texas Tennis and and limestone bluffs under blue skis. Love the lone star state. Hope you are well.

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Yes and yes. I'm missing the hill country! Texas is in my blood and I'm lucky I have 2 brothers living still in Lone star state. One of these day hopefully we can meet over coffee ❤

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Looking forward to that.

That's fantastic news!😁

I've learnt so much from Kelly already, so it's great to hear she will now be an administrator 👍

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We will need you also-I will be bouncing ideas back and forth.

Especially with Ehlers Danlos.

Happy for you, i think we all saw this coming 😄🥳

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I’m not very sure about that at all, but thank you for you kind reply. It took quite a while to commit, as I feel such a responsibility with it.

I know for certain if it were not for the women administrators on this site when I first joined, I likely would not have lived. It was literally that dire for me.

Wow Kelly a big welcome.love your knowledge and you are so warm and friendly to all of us.congrats

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That’s really nice to hear, thank you. I hope this can always be a safe space and refuge in a what is a chaotic and confusing world for especially newcomers to the forum. This is incredibly important.

Remember those early days? Remember what it felt like to land here with knowledgeable admins? I often felt Safer here than with my doctors. ( I was always very clear and they were always so careful to say- “ We are not medically trained, so please check with your doctor or go urgently now, but here is a pertinent article you can print off to take should they need it.”

This forum is a safe haven emotionally and educationally, and we have Lynn and Mary to thank for starting this for us, and the other administrators who then joined in tirelessly as well.

Gratitude beyond measure , ladies ( and the occasional gentlemen...who have come before.)

Thank you!

KellyInTexas you are a marvel and have been giving excellent advice over a very long time. Your replies are always knowledgeable and courteous, thank you for giving up your time to help us all.


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It has been nice getting to hear your story. I hope your INR gets back up soon. Isn’t it nice to have a group of people try help along the way by sharing their experiences? So much to learn!

Hallo there!!

This was exstremely good news!!

We absolutely need a knowledable person of INR etc and also have someone from the US as so many of our members are from this country. You are so interested to help others and know a lot of this illness.

I am not painting much for the time beeing (that was the reason I stopped being an administrator as you know) perhaps later on, but I can not stop writing here as i am interested in our illness. GOOD LUCK my friend!

Love from Kerstin

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Thank you. I’m going to advocate just as you taught me for the INR regulation with green vegetables. And careful note taking. I always did exactly as you said. It was extremely helpful. I could go back to my notes and find important patterns to manage my INR better. My doctors learned from it also. It’s when surprises happen that it’s especially useful. Like illness. Medication changes .

Keep helping us with this, among all the other things you teach us. If I still have questions or things to learn-I’m going to keep asking you- keep teaching us!



Wow Kelly, you are so generous to do this, what with all you have going on. I always learn from your responses, and from the other admins as well. You’re all a wonderful resource to us! Love and hugs and many, many thanks to you all!

Anita in Colorado


I’ll help as long as I Can! I’ve told my eyes and brain to play nice.

Awesome Kelly, awesome for this group as well!

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Thank you. And thank you for helping me out so often. It’s great having your brain and resourcefulness here.

Kelly will be a great support to many with a wealth of knowledge and unfortunately experience!

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The tale of two Kellys❤️. “A great support to many” is so important, and certainly many treasures are to be found here!

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