This Forum has made a difference in my life!!!

Just a quick note to all have helped me on this post! I'm amazed at the administrators and Kerstin! You r so dedicated to this cause! I and so indebted to all of you! Not so fab and Kerstin make me laugh! Mary with her funny face she has makes me laugh and Dave such a handsome British Gentleman!!! Just like a great man short and to the point! Without this forum I don't know if I'd still b here to talk about it!!! I thank you all who have APS and any replies u send my way are so greatly appreciated, beyond words!!! I can't fathom Mary who must sit at a desk and just answer everyone who comes on here! All of u do! To me it's a gift from The Goid Lord and my heartfelt prayers are with you all in our fight to stay well and it is a fight~~ tooth and nail! My Blessings from Gid are sent to you all and May He Always Hold You in the Palm of his hand and carry you thru your health issues! Just REMEMBER YOU AL HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE IN THE QUALITY OF MANY OF OUUR LIVES! God knows and shall help you all thru this dreadful disease! Thank you seems insufficient, but it's all I got!!! GIDSPEED!!!

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  • Thank you so much for your lovely tribute Debb.

    I was brought up by my great aunt & uncle who were my grand parents generation, so Edwardians born in 1904 & 1905.  They taught me how to be an English gentleman and, I guess, my profession as a Chartered Building Surveyor, where I have to be analytical and write clear and concise reports, means I try to do that here too.  It is a pleasure to help others, who like me, have to live with the burden of Hughes Syndrome/APS and I'm glad to be able to make a difference to the lives of our members on here.  I know that my fellow Admins, Mary and APsnotsoFab, and the wonderful Kerstin, all feel the same about helping our members.

    God speed Debb.

    Best wishes.


  • I most certainly do feel the same way,  may we all keep as well as possible and help each other in the process.  Best wishes to you Dave from Bulgaria MaryF

  • Thank you Dear dear Mary and Enjoy ur Holiday! Godspeed 

  • It is truly Amazing how even in ur writing you come thru as such an English Gentleman! My Dad was Born in 1908 to a Military Family in The Royal British Navy from Penz Anz England! Cornish I'd assume! His Dad Morris was Born in 1868! My Dad was the last of 13 children and came to America at the ripe old age of 14 and was a Merchant Marine till he joined the US Army in WWll. He too was a very proud English Gentleman! For me it was very obvious you were the same! Thanks again you are a wonderful man! Godspeed 

  • I've sent you a private message Debb.


  • Thank you for those kind words. Yes we all do what we do because we feel strongly that there needs to be advocates to help and support those going through tough times, as we did. When you are in those dark days and cant think clearly, it helps to have somebody who has been where you are. If we can help stop or help anyone avoid further issues by raising awareness of this condition then our presence here has and does serve a purpose.   

  • You are indeed a passionate lady Deb!

    I like the  Admins here want to raise awareness of this rare and sometimes very dangerous condition we all have in common.  As APsnotFab says it helps to have somebody who has been there and understands what you are going through.

    I also admire Prof Hughes for what he has done and still does to help us all.

    Hope you will soon be properly treated!

    My very best to you from me!


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