Got appt w/APS specialist in USA finally👍🏻

first I called Dr Gaito's office who were very pleasant but when I asked if she were an APS specialist they told me she was not but she sees APS patients. I then called NY HSS ( Hospital for Special Surgeries). I spoke with a "referral operator" for new patients. I explained I was trying to find anAPS specialist, she was also very pleasant, as well as, helpful. She asked about the type of insurance coverage I had. I explained this, I was placed on hold for about a min or two. She then got back on the phone and gave me options to chose from in my area. I chose one and she asked if I would like to be connected!! Hell yea! She connected me and I now ha e an appt to see anAPSSpecialist on the 27 th of Sept😊😊😊😊😊🍾

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  • Hope it goes well. If you haven't checked out their website, you maybe able to find the doctor you're seeing there and also some of what they have written. The first appointment is usually long, so do some preparation. It's good to bring your positive tests and if you have any good write ups by other doctors.

  • Thanks. I have that in mind, I'm thrilled, it's taken so long

  • Well done, I hope it goes well for you. MaryF

  • Woww.......... that was quick.

    Well done! Hope it is a kind APS-Specialist.

    Please let us hear how it goes.

    Kerstin in Stockholm

  • Me too, now that I have the appt. anything in particular I should be asking/ finding out? All responses appreciated🤔

  • I always write my questions down before I go away. Take a pencil with you.

    Take papers with bloodworks and tests etc with you to show him/her.

    Good Luck from Kerstin

  • Thank you

  • when you get a chance I would like to know doctor's names/best of luck

  • They gave me two to chose from: Dr DeeDee Wo(Wu, unsure of spelling) and Dr Joseph Markenson (out of Paramus office). I chose Markenson because they were first to answer the phone,honestly. Will let everyone know how it goes after the visit.pray it goes well!

  • Markenson Md affiliated directly w/HSS Lupus/APS research center excellent...I did not know HSS has a center in NJ..I am sure you are in the best hands. Dr Gaito works in a small private practice w MD partner....she is Very involved w/ ILADS. International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society ...Ilads has taken on The Infectious Diseases Medical posse...for not taking the Lyme epidemic seriously...interesting medical 'thriller' ..recommend documentary. UNDER OUR SKIN......As i said I ISt went to Dr. Gaito.because I was very weak...did have Lyme at one time..and the testing approved by the Infectious Disease mds kept showing I was stll positive. ..Dr.Gaito used newer test & i no longer had Lyme..her experience showed her that Lyme or any major stressor on the immune system can "turn on " an Autoimmune Disorder...if we are "predisposed"/genetics? Who She found APS and you know the the film terrific

  • Thank you for elaborating on this. MaryF

  • Congratulations!

  • Good luck it's a great hospital! Good u got NJ cuz NYC difficult and vey expensive to park at HSS! Godspeed!

  • As promised. I saw Dr Markenson today. I brought all of my ct scans, MRI/MRAs, list of meds, INRS, etc. he was very pleasant and patient taking note to our discussion. I know he was paying attention. He answered my questions. He verified I am receiving proper treatment. He also told me of another specialist only 30 min from my home. I will post on a new post for people in that area. All in all I felt it a win, win👌😊

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