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Gamma GT question?

I've been back to the doctor to discuss my recent bloods (not my usual doctor of course, can never get to see her lately). It appears the Gamma GT enzyme in my liver is high (140) and it should be around 55.

The doctor then proceeded to tell me that I need to stop having too much alcohol, I nearly hit her!!!

Urrgh!!! I was so mad. I don't drink excessively. I'll have a glass of wine if I go out (which) is rare and I always drive so I can leave if I get tired. And, I don't drink at home unless I have a friend around and even then, it's a glass. The last time I had a drink was in June at my mum's birthday party and the blood test was last week. It is NOT alcohol and I'm furious that she just "said it" and didn't even ask if I drank.

She soooo didn't believe me. I have to go for an ultrasound as I've had excessive bleeding and have to go back after the scan. Before I go back - can anyone advise on what the cause of the Gamma GT high score might be? Medication? Other? Have any of your guys had it?

I have Lupus, APS, Thyroid, CKD and am anaemic. Medications: prednislone, hydroxychoroquine, thyroxine, asprin, ferrous fumerate, folic acid, citalopram, calci-chew, vit d and painkillers.

FYI: Everything else was normal. Well, normal for me, and no different that the last blood test 3 months ago. Just this Gamma GT thing.

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The first thing I would do is ask your GP to do a liver function test and to repeat the GT test. Sometimes you can get the odd hiccup. I've had tests come back high then had them repeated and they are normal.

If it does come back raised again I would ask to be referred to your APS specialist because it could be one of your drugs or a combination of things. Don't worry about it they will get to the bottom of it :-)


Hi Nat

I had two bouts of hepatitis, in the 1990s before I was diagnosed with APS, for which no viral cause was found. When I saw Prof Hughes he said that he was certain that I had ischemic hepatitis, due to APS. My ALT and Gamma GT remained high until I was put on Warfarin, now on Frgamin, following which my liver functions returned to normal; clearly indicating the Prof H was right about sludgy blood in my liver.

My Gastroenterologist tells me that Gamma GT is a very sensitive thing and that even 3 cups of coffee may send it sky high. He has always told me not to worry about it, as long as I am being sensible with alcohol and coffee, which I try to be but not always successfully.

I would be interested to see what happened to your Gamma GT if you were on anticoagulants.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes.



Sorry. Never heard of this test. But given all the meds you are on it stands to reason that their interactions might cause a test to go off in a way that in a standard patient, ( and sadly! We ain't standard!) would point to excessive drinking.

But then, the doctor would have to admit that she doesn't know about such interactions. . .


Hi Nat

I don't know how helpful this will be, or even if it will explain anything you don't already know. In early 2000's I had my regular check up with the Dr, and like you my Gamma GT levels came back "high" his immediate and annoying response was how much do you drink. The fact of the matter was I didn't and still don't drink at all, I have long felt that the amount of drugs I am on was sufficient to concern me if I were to drink. The following year we had the exact same conversation. The nurse was astounded and her comment was to say how ridiculous the question was when he was totally aware of the drugs I was taking. This continued over the next 12 years until I changed my Doctors practice. The first liver function test I had I was told that my Gamma GT levels were 365 (again the alcohol question) but other blood tests revealed very low, folate levels, Vit D, B12 and too much Iron. I was referred to a specialist and numerous other issues have become apparent but a singular lack of concern over the Gamma GT..... because I don't drink but I have a cocktail of drugs. Never any mention of coffee intake, but I didn't drink coffee either. More drugs, incl., Vit D Folate and B12 have resulted in a reduction of my levels from 365 to 312, oh joy !.

I hope that your levels get sorted out but it seems to me that no one really worries about it if you don't drink excessively. You are also on a high diet of various tablets, so I would hesitate to suggest this might be the issue, but not the easy answers for the Doctor.

All the very best



A neighbour of mine who has never ever had an alcoholic drink was scornfully told it could not be the case by a particularly bombastic GP at the local practice, she went continually due to being in pain and feeling very unwell, eventually it turned out that she had RA and a whole host of problems, but the stance on you must be drinking really slowed down the diagnosis! MaryF


just curious have you been tested for lyme


No. I'm not really that active so you won't find me in forests and the like. Isn't that where you can get Lyme.


Snap. My gamma gt has been up to 98 but I don't drink. I was finally diagnosed with non alcoholic fatty liver disease so I would suggest you ask your doctor for a full lipid screen test which should cover your liver ALT. My doc explained that alcoholics would have high gamma gt hence they ask if you drink. It is embarrassing though!


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