A quick hello - I may not be so quick to answer stuff for a while!

Hi guys.. I have very precarious internet cover, with special rural set up where I live, however the storm almost finished it off, as the signal is bounced between church towers over a large geographical area. We had no electricity for a while. I have been told that our internet will be improved again at some point.. but it is currently very badly behaved.. so don't think I have run off.. mind you that has put an idea in my head. Mary F x

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  • Gosh what will we do without you. I have become very used to just how quickly you respond and have been very impressed by the work you put it :)

  • That's nice of you, I do have a connection currently but it is hit and miss....and according to our provider they are working on it, Mary F x

  • I sure hope it doesn't take too long to get your internet back to good working condition. We would be lost without you.

  • My man has been up on the roof hanging on to the chimney pots and readjusting our dishes... so far, I have internet! Mary F x

  • That's great, Mary. Tell him he's great, but to be careful.

  • Hope it's working ok soon, I sympathize with you on that one as mine is up & down all the while!! frustrating to say the least!! xx

  • We appear to have lift off currently. Mary F x

  • My imagination is running riot! What with his antics with rowing in a dodgy boat and now on the roof…I hope you have good insurance cover :-D

  • I have a wild week-end ahead..MaryFx

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