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Does anyone have the link to the article by Professor Hughes about Plaquenil being better than generic versions of the medication?

I need to show my GP to ensure that he puts it on the prescription otherwise my pharmacist has to give me the generic one as it is cheaper. I discussed it with the rheumatologist and she said it would be fine for me to try that particular brand and stick to it - they apparently don't find people notice much difference although interestingly they have swapped people over on occasion. I have only been taking it for just over a month and didn't think it was doing any good yet, they said it would take a couple of months to build up in my system, however when I ran out and couldn't get a represcription for a few days I felt really ill - had a fever, all my joints were painful and I had mouth ulcers and a cold sore type ulcer on my lip! So I think it is holding a lot of things at bay even after only a month.

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Hi, take a look at this: lupus-support.org.uk/UL/Dru...



Thanks Mary, but I am sure that someone had mentioned a research study where they had done a comparison of people taking Plaquenil against those taking unbranded Hydroxychloroquine, which I think was by Prof Hughes. I will do a search in my university library and see if anything comes up - otherwise I will just have to ask the rheumatologist to write to the GP!


as far as i know plaquenil is the generic Hydroxy is the real thing ????


I take the generic and I feel great....

I am curious as to the side effects of stopping Hydroxychloroquine.......if anyone has experienced them....I recently

ran out of Pristiq ( an SSRI/mood disorders) and within 48 hours I felt terrible...dizzy...fatigue.......symptoms went away asap when I began the meds again.......


I got horrible headaches from Hydrox and my rheumatologist, after my stroke in March, recommended that I take the brand name Plaquenil. I am not happy with the cost after insurance (and my insurance company isn't happy about paying their part) I have no headaches with the brand name Plaquenil and feel it has helped me a lot. I'd also like to see that article.


Hi, I have just written that you should be tested more often. I thought you had a Neurologist and were on Warfarin!??

Are you on Plaquenil and have a Rheumatologist?

I think I have better not say anything more.