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Driving application (DVLA)!!!!! Do you know if i have to tell the DVLA about my APS/Hughes syndrome?


I am reapplying for my lienace as it has been well over a year and half after my stroke and related seziures, i ve filled out all the related form for the sezuires but they have not given me the opition to say about APS. Any suggestions?

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Hi Clare, had a look on directgov.UK. Under motoring, couldn't find anything about Aps or Hughes in their list. Just that if you had clot in brain they need to be informed. It gives a form b1. To download fill in and an address to send it to, is a medical questionnaire, don't know if that what you filled in already. With reference to stroke it says leaflet tia1 can be downloaded gives info. Don't know if any of that any help. Hope feeling better. Take care. Hugs jessielou x x x x x x x

Hi Claire

I struggled with this one, but I had not had seizures, only a ?TIA years ago and a clot in my finger. When I looked at the list I didn't see anything that indicated I shouldn't have a licence. So I left well alone. I have APS on warfarin indefinitely. I would do whatever you feel most comfortable with. It is not worth getting into trouble if you have an accident, but I don't know about your insurance.

Just my thoughts. Take care

Hi Claire,

In my blog I mentioned about the driving licence for an artic being removed due to TIA's. When DVLA asked me to relinquish licence for lorry I did........they then told me I was not getting my car licence back as I gave up lorry licence too readily, so they wanted their doctor's to examine my case. This appeared to be a case a good excuse to justify a salary with DVLA....they spent 3 months deliberating, knowing nothing of Hughes', ignoring my specialist's letters, and also Gp's letters, siding for internet info, which as we all know can be misleading. Eventually I won, but took 3 months and a lot of stress and inconvenience. I would suggest you talk to your Gp and see what his view is. If he says be sensible and drive when fit, and will back you up against DVLA, there is your answer. But I certainly would not be divulging any health issue with them again, without consulting my Gp, and specialist first. Hope this helps.

Take care

Hi Clare, i agree with andrew. Unless you have had a seizure or visual impairment i be inclined not to ask. If your consultant mentions you need to inform dvla then thats different. I think we all know if we feel compromised to drive so be guided by how you feel. Hope this helps xx just know once authorities involved you could well end up feeling ill due to stresss and frustration!!

sorry clare just re read your question only read bold bit... i would leave it at that then if you have been seizure free for 12 months off meds i think thats the guildelines and you mentioned the cva bit so as long as you are anticoagulated i dont think you have to worry about APS. Take care and good luck with it all kathy xxx

Hi Clare, just backing up what Kathy says re stress and frustration....Kathy is absolutely right. This is especially true if you live in rural areas like myself. We are a long time looking for a lift. Remember, we have a blood condition, controllable by drugs, and not something so catastrophic we may take all road users out. Authorities always panic about condition they know nothing about, and er on side of caution, often to our loss.

Be strong x

Thanks andrewl, i to live in a rural area but i am lucky in the fact that the need to drive is not great as work is 2 miles down the road and i either walk or cycle to work asnd of the weather is poor people often say hay hop in and i will drop you off which is nice. I feel that somethings are not clear cut when it come to reclaiming things you have had in the pass, for example: I understand having to wait a year after having a sezuire and filling in all the correct paperwork ect......but filling in the paper work for the sezuire will automatically make them look at my records and they may well find the information about my stroke and APS so therefore if i dont declare i will be in the wrong

The question i guess is can / should there be anything put in place to help other APS suffers in this area.


Hi Clare, I wanted to know the answer to your question too as I drive but don't know whether to report the medical condition either. The only thing I am concerned with is that some days I feel so weird as if I have had too much to drink and cannot concentrate. Today I drove and nearly went across red traffic lights!!!! A few months ago, I travelled down a motorway alone and suddenly a car appeared from nowhere shouting abuse at me but I cannot remember a thing. Some days I am fine but it is beginning to worry me when I do not feel too well,.I am worried that if I report this, I will be banned from driving altogether but do not want to cause danger to myself and others.


ClareSteggles in reply to Hidden

I thing we all no are limits when it come to doing things but the question is how to go thourgh the appilcation processes without to my fuss and stress and ofcourse ASAP.

Womanfriday in reply to Hidden

Hi Julie-Anne,

My consultant put me on clopidogrel (Plavix) for "brain fog" as he identified I also had sticky platelets, which has been a godsend - work full time, full-time mum, drive miles around the country and abroad etc.

This means that overall, my APS is controlled by subcut LMW Heparin and clopidogrel.

I'm not sure if that's an unusual combination, but it certainly works for me. Might be worth having a chat with your doc?

Take care, Debbie

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