off to dartmouth

got a call yesterday late afternoon- my march apointment has been moved up to this morning [HORRAY] they will be doing E.M.G.- from neck by spine, both arms and legs to toes- needles and electricity , sounds great HAit will be a shocking experinceHA HA HA o well they may also do a N.V.S. im not sure but once this is done i can moye on to the other tests dc Chou has mentioned and if i can keep moving them up like this one was that would be great--- bbn your human pincushion ---jet

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  • Have fun pokey the pincushion!!!! ya ya!

    Thinking of you!


  • o well happy heart, ill be thinking of you also- i think the name of pre op , nurse i see 1 st is kristina, i think she will be filling me in on the procedure- i was told it isnt to bad till they get around the pressure points of the body, ill soon find out. they start at 9:45 gotta get my butt moving ,weather not the best here rite now , its gonna take me 1.20 to get there .------------ needle boy

  • ha -k - im going to wear my shorts that say [IS THIS YOUR FINAL ANSWER] on the elastic band - then in green they ask all kinds of questions-- wait till kristina see s these HA HA HA-- what do you think , will i make a good 1 st impression????? i have never met her before, 1 st time in this end of building -------------- reggis filman!!!!!

  • Good Luck sweetie x

  • LOL I used to work in preop, post op and surgical!! Be easy on the nurses!!

    I think I am going to call and tell them what you are really there for is ECT (that's the shock therapy for the mentally ill that they rarely do anymore!!) TURN UP THE POWER!!!! LOL!!!

    Let us know when you return how you made out!!

  • Oops sounds like great shorts! dont distract them too much & then they forget how long they've left you 'plugged in!!' :)

    Good luck & let us know how it went :)

  • ok all -im back , but not the at least wiser, my the youg girl who did the test was trying to pull up my pant leg ---- woulnt work - so i said to her ill take my pants of , if its ok ??? i will give you a johnny , i will step out and ill be back ??????? i asked if this is nessary because you will be dealing with all my extremerties---- then she saw my shorts and was tyring real hard not to smile????? o well that broke the ice and we did well after that. then dc came in , what a stiff shirt he is , he asked about my problems with that big question look on his face, so i begain to try to explain- total confusion, go figure?????? after the tests were done and i had chance to talk to them both - he asked if i was to see dc chou today ???? and where i was from. then he continues to ask can i go up and see him ????? no - i have some very important company now ill finish later, if thats ok with you all-------- sore joints .

  • sounds like its went down river mate and your still looking for your paddle


  • im back sorry for the laps , the emg dc was trying to get me to go and seedc chou andi didnt even have an appointment- but i did go up and actually got my next appt. moved up to next wedsday instead of waiting till the 26 th of march!!!!! the stunn gun they use really was rough on me because i think my muscle density - i also think thats what made all my joints ake so , they still hurt this morning. the dc didnt want to do the needles because of my thinners, i spoke up and said im here now ,i want some answers and i promise i wont bleed- he finally gave in and i got the tests , i was worried about the needles ??? it was a walk in the park compaired to the stunn gun wow!!and i was rite i never bleed a drop ---- ok kristina , suzy ,paddy, sheena im waiting?????---------------------------jet ps paddy i couldnt sign in again last nite its up to its old tricks again.

  • Hi jet

    how are those achy joints? Don't you just love docs n tests, torture you n not know why they doing it??

    I hope you get you final answers hon.. I believe I've said before you're a crazy guy, thats a definate!! Made me smile reading these n thats worth the world on this great but achy morning!!!!

    Hope you feelin better hon.

    Take care gentle hugs love sheena xxxxx :-) :-) :-)

  • good morning glory- how be sheena ????? i looked for hours yesterday for the pic s of you gal s over there, girls x- mas nite out. i finally found them, dec 24 th . well i go back to dc chou on weds the 22 - next week ,this visit wil be to determine where we go from here- it was supost to be an avascular study?? who knows. gotta get him going on the disability paperwork- im so broke rite now i cant even pay attention????? i try to keep up beat , and you guys certainly help. today s not that bad yet!!! just got up , my little dog casey heard the computer chime and made me get up , he wouldnt take no for an answer, spoiled little guy, but now that im up , time for coffee an await you cherished reply ----all most normal jet

  • hay kristina - im surprised you couldnt come with something more heinous than the electric shock - maybe something like- putting in a whirl bath and throwing in a radio thats plugged into the walll OR maybe putting me a pail of water 1 st before the tests were done, if i had you for a nurse i think i would run!!!!!???? _______________________ deep fryed me .!!!

  • The radio in the tub wouldn't work- not enough suffering for an old goat like you!! LOL

    Glad you survived!! Hope the achyness is going away.

    Off to have some wine and bake a cake.....

  • are you saying your favorite wine is you want cake?????? hows the old waist line doing these days anyways??????? i have no room to talk i still am 7b lbs heavery than i was before all this crap in dec. 26 started- you know i gotta start getting some addresses so can mail stuff, it would be faster than the rate im learning the comp,HA HA HA ya ya. ---------- old goat me.

  • I lost 3 lbs this week!! Been trying to walk a lot and ride bike every day. I am still about 40 lbs heavier than I want to be, but would be thrilled with losing 30 more as that would put me where I was before the flare and gain from steroids.

    This cake is for a friends bday, I wont be eating any of it, just dropping it off in London on my way through to to visit Hazel in N Wales tomorrow! I can't wait!

  • well, will eat a slice for me then please. what kind of cake was it ? i made brownies today , ill eat some for you- thats only fair- actually i still am 7 to 8 pounds heavier yhan i was back in dec . 2011 . but i getting better at not eating so much- trying to rid my self of the cig s isnt helping any. ------- p.s. how many brownies do i eat for you my dear---------- jet

  • Goodness me all this cake talk, is reminding of the abundant supply of donuts in Poland, on my recent visit... well it was minus 30 some of the time, excuses etc etc, however I am getting smaller! Hope you feel better soon Jet MF x

  • good morningmy friend hows things in u.k. today? back to the vampires this morning , for my 3 day ritual , was 3.9 on thursday im a 2.5-3,5 kinda a guy these days- as you probably read i did my e.m.g./n.v.s. last friday , it took most of the weekend to get back to normal [ as normal as i get, there ask sheena?????] another apointment on wednsday the 22nd -i also have to go to a meeting with my counsler for my insurance. will get back at you later today ---- thanks and have a great day ----------------------- jet

  • ha - saw dc [rheumy ] on weds 22 nd he has dia, me with chronic fatigue--- we have talked about this before but now he says it is getting worse, and i have a vascular study tomorrow up at dartmouth- we have a snow storm coming in tonite 6 to 8 inches . so i will most likly be driving in it in morning. next week the 29 th back to podiataist -- then maybe march 5 th i will be going to dartmouth for a sleep study ,im setting that part up tomorrow, while im there , there is some problem with my insurance. to go to dartmouth i have to drive up into the mountains- that part of the interstate is bad for accidents ,so i will leave early and take the back roads, there are streches of wilderness therwe for 10 miles or more, ill problably be the only car on the road ?? talk to you later -------------- jet

  • o welll im back and in 1 piece, not much more to say rite now -------------jet

  • Hi jet

    glad you got back and safe. Hope tests etc went well n find those elusive answers.

    Take care gentle hugs love sheena xxxxxx :-) :-) :-)

  • well back to dartmoth tomorrow 1 st meeting with a dc brooke judd-she is a sleep study doctor, they sent me some paper work to fill out ,i also just did a questioneir on line.had to push back appt. with podiatrist till may 7th, im guessing tomorow will just be some type of consultation of sorts- then i will know more of just what will be taking place after that??? kristina are you ok, havent heard from you since feb.-19 th--hope things are well- drop me a note when you get a chance-------------------------------- snozzy jet

  • o -well another appt. at dartmouth done, blood work for " T " count done , A.V.N. is getting worse faster than expected- i asked dr chou about this before but he really couldnt say because of all the other problems i have that can effect it . going to see a surgen on the 29 th , more x-rays - then see the new dc. - dc chou said to me ,dont get your hopes up ,its going to be tough to get a surgen that will be willing to operate on you simply because of all your problems. but hipps espeacilly are going bad quick . i asked about physical therapy as im not going to lose this extra 8 - 10 lbs by sitting around doing nothing? he said he cant prescribe it BUT surgen can , so i guess i wait- dc chou was not impressed with the results of sleep study- he says you have a bad problem with this and we are going to have to watch it . ----------------- jet

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