Well off to the Vet's with Casey -- He knows some thing is up. - I'm getting that look !!!!! no breakfast is another tip off and a brushing this early in the morning ????? HMMMMMMMMMM--- anesthesia is always a risk- but he needs this procedure before it gets any worse and compromises his health. I will be with him all the way threw , as he is always there for me -- the love is impeccable ,we are always together. Will get back when everything is OK - don't know when - 3 dogs being done today and not sure of the order- let's hope he is first ------- ME and my Buddy :-) :-) :-)

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  • I hope you are feeling better yourself.. and that you two are soon back at home with you, helping you along etc. MaryF

  • Thanks Mary -- Casey had 11 teeth out today -- where he had that growth , plaque they had to chisel out he lost only one molar --2010 he had top front teeth out and all bottom front teeth today- and an incisor. I couldn't get his tramadol for pain into him tonight -His little mouth is to small and swollen - not to mention my blood sky rocketed and having tremors and spasms--{great timing} Called vets ,they said he has enough pain killers in him for the night so i will bring him in to vets in the A.M. and they will give him that and the other pill he needs to start Rovera which is a lot bigger pill . little dogs like Chihuahua's have jaw bone diseases. - I brush his teeth every day ??? but still ?? He is coming around a bit. Been 9 hours since surgery .had to keep his tongue moist as it was sticking out with no teeth to hold it in !!!! 0 well see what tomorrow will bring ---nervous ned

  • Poor Casey, glad he's now ok tho' & recovering :) you keep yourself well too. you're a great support for each other, take care bud :)

  • Thinking of Casey and what an ordeal he's been through. Really hope he recovers quickly,

    Avril x

  • Don't forget Casey and I 's Witches of the midlands - Can't sleep , he had an accident on my bed last night !! poor little guy - i petted him and told him it was ok we will strip bedding in the morning . would of done it last night but the old bitties in the old age home here have nothing better to do than to mind everyone else's business but there own and will complain to the management that # 1 doing laundry after 9:00 P.M. and using more than 2 washers when there is 8 more not being used-- Then to top it off they want to pet and hold Casey !!! GRRRRRRR.- I will be taking him back to vets in 5 hours to have them give him his pills , the way i am shaking ,not a chance in hell am i going to be able to do it !!!! :-) not much sleep to night so far :-) Suzy i am going to have you cast a spell on them and zap them with a spell of HAPPINESS . will serve them right . !!!!! some of the swelling is going down on my little mans face , was able to take him outside to P & P {a little to late on the PEE }} HA HA , my comforter and sheets caught that LOL.-- He had that look of { Sorry Dad !!!! } .. He is so good, even the vet's note said what a great patient he was !!!!!!- I have copies of the X-ray's wow alot of black around the base of teeth ,and some of the teeth i think only his gums were holding them in ???? But he never complained ???? go figure that one out ????? Now i need to figure where the next 1,000 dollars is going to come from ???Most of these teeth weren't figured into the price that i got the grant's for. Maybe Jessica can work some more magic for me !!! :-) :-) :-) - 0 well go back to my easy chair and try for 2 more hours sleep !! I checked on my little guy and he is doing ok . -------snozzy me

  • Get Well Soon Casey xxxxxx

  • Hi Jet

    Thinking of you and Casey.

    Best wishes from Dave in the UK

  • So sorry you and Casey had to go through this. I hope he continues to recover, ( and you.). My dog, JaneDog used to play a game we called " stick wrestling" wherein she would push down on a stick with a front paw while pulling up on it with her mouth. After years of playing this game she broke her canine.and the canine, as you probably know now, is not like the other teeth. They had to saw it off from her jaw bone

    Coincidentally, she is in for check up up today.I admit that with my hip first in danger of completely " blowing out, " and then in recovery, I have not been brushing my 50# dog's teeth.

    Hope Casey is recovering.

    Dogs are wonderful companions. They teach us do much. . ,

    ( have you heard the theory that since we know our nearest relatives-- chimps and bonobos-- are very selfish, that it was dogs who taught us to be"nice" and made our civilizations possible? )

  • Hi Jet, I thinking of you and Casey and starby my little one send lots of woofs too!! He loves to chase tennis balls and then when he has had enough he chews them. My vet has told me there is a tooth condition which has now sprung up because of dogs chewing tennis balls and it ruins their teeth! So poor Starby is now banned from tennis balls which he hates because he is addicted by them.

    I think my Vet is right though as the other day when chasing a rubber ball he knocked one of his front teeth out which has probably been affected from chewing the tennis balls. He had to have the tooth fairy!

    What would we do without our little companions? I know I could not be without mine. I do hope Casey feels better soon and you look after yourself too. x

  • I could have done with a game of 'fetch' with you after the amount of lunch I ate with you the other day! I did however enjoy my enforced siesta in that bag shop! MaryF

  • Im surprised I did not have to pick you up with a forklift with the amount that was consumed :-D

  • Next time, it appears we have much to discuss I will come up again sooner rather than later. I have one or two people to see!!! MaryF x

  • :-D

  • Thanks " L " He is doing better , swelling going down lots ,taking med's well.. this might sound crazy but it seems that he put on weight on weight . Could it be from the I V . he had a catheter and an air tube also . Boy he peed enough { on my bed } !!!! . he shrugged down as if to say { sorry dad } . I hugged him and told him it was ok..He still peed out side latter on that evening a huge a amount ???..he was suppose to be in surgery 1 1/2 hours and ended up in there 4 hours as far as i can figure. dogs give undemanding love with out question,some times it seems no matter how they are{ and woman's } best friends for sure. I now i wouldn't be here now if it wasn't for Casey and Jessica after Mary died . I was just about to give up, make no mistake about that . and i am one to not make idle threats any one that knows me knows that and i think that really worried some of my closest friends.but he saw me threw and i love him more than life itself.I will get some video's of my little guy - he is simply amazing and never stops amazing everyone that knows him .even the new Vet wrote in his notes he had never seen a chihuahua with an attitude and behavior as he saw in Casey . we really have a bond like no other. If he were a cow i could say like no utter HA HA { I guess i to tied be up since Monday night } bedding almost all done , just my eight pillow cases to put on and down for the count i go. and i want to Thank You all for your love and support for me threw this whole ordeal. it means so much to me - words can't express -- 0 well night all you children from heaven ---- zombie me.

  • so very happy to read that casy came through with flying colors...yes our fur babies are so incredible...they bounce back so much faster than we fur babies send their love and get well wishes to you both as do i..

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