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Ouch! Chilblains! Top tips please people!!

OK, have struggled with Reyanuds for a few years now. A couple of weeks ago I developed chilblains on my toes on my left foot (ouch). Yesterday it was relatively mild, but I was wearing thick socks and boots and the pain I had in my right toes was awful, causing me to limp and wince. When I got home the smaller 4 toes had gone blue, then deep red and BURNING hot to the touch (i.e. several degrees hotter than the top of my foot. I now also have chilblains on these toes, and the 2nd and 3rd toes on each foot hurt to bend in walking and otherwise feel basically numb.

Should I get these seen to? Could they be as a result of APS? I have never had these before although usually have frozen cold hands and feet, which burn when I warm them back up a bit.

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I'm not sure what they can do apart from tell you they are chillblains. They aren't necessarily a result of APLS.

My doctor suggested that its a good idea to make sure you don't get sudden temperature changes like warm feet in bed and getting up on a cold morning. So wearing socks in bed might help or at least putting on socks before lifting the blankets to get up. Having a warm shower area too so you don't get that sudden temperature change getting out of the shower.


I agree with the other respondent about avoiding sudden changes of temperature. I like to use an electric blanket but I think I've sometimes triggered chilblains by getting into a bed which is too hot and therefore too much of a shock for my very cold feet. I've also observed the importance of ensuring that my feet are not cramped inside boots/shoes when wearing thick socks; if I can't wiggle my toes adequately then I'm almost guaranteed to get chilblains.


"Chilblains" by definition is a response to major cold temps, like frostbite. If the findings you are describing have just occurred spontaneously you should absolutely get checked out!!! It could be a sign of reduced perfusion (ie arterial thrombosis) to the lower extremity and you have APS. It could also just be Raynaud's but that should cause TRANSIENT changes. If these findings are persistent you should be evaluated.




I suffered badly with chilblains until given a pair of ugg boots. Now I wear them from autumn through to the spring and haven't had one since. An expensive treatment, but I really haven't had a problem since. There is a British version - Celtic something - which is less expensive, but I haven't tried them yet.


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