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Does Lipnotin cure Antiphospholipid syndrome (APS)

Hi everyone,

I have a friend in Sri Lanka who is suffering from Anti-phospholipid syndrome. she is 38 years old and has one child.

She said one day when she woke up she noticed her right foot had turned into a maroon colour, like a dirty blood colour, and there was a strong smell too. The doctor thought the small veins in the foot were blocked.

Within two weeks she had her right foot and leg amputated approx 7 inches under the knee, and now wears a prosthetic limb.

Even though the doctor amputated her leg three years ago, she still has to see the doctor regularly as she is still suffering from sores on her fingers, and toes on her other foot.

She is taking only warfarin at the moment. I have no idea about APS. So I had a look at different websites to find out if there is a cure, but every website seems to suggest that there is not a cure for APS.

treatments aim to reduce the risk of developing further blood clots. Anticoagulant medicines, such as aspirin and warfarin, are usually prescribed.

But I came across one website called and they say they have an Amazing 100% Guaranteed Treatment for Antiphospholipid Syndrome!

My friend recently started visiting a homeopathic doctor in Sri Lanka.

Can anyone please tell me if you have used Lipnotin and if you had any success.

She has recently started getting treatment through a homeopathic doctor in Sri Lanka.

She lives everyday with the same symptoms no cure and the worry that it will progressively get worse as she gets older, and be unable to look after her son.

I am also interested to find out if anyone has been seeing a homeopathic doctor.

I hope that you will be able to give me any advice as she is such a dear friend who was in my class at school.

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I just sent the flyer to my rheumatologist and GP. I am very interested as to what they think of this homeopathic "cure" and why they are not prescribing it (at least in trial form) if it has any redeeming qualities. (That in itself makes me suspicious of it.) I usually get a call-back the same evening, so I'll let you know what they have to say about it.

You are a good friend to have such compassion for your friend. She is a lucky lady.



Hello everyone, thank you very much for taking the time to reply to me. CanaryDiamond 10, please let me know when you have the information from your doctor.

I agree there are so many people out there trying to earn money from people eho are desperate. That is why I thought to send my question out to the community.

My friend does not have a computer at home to find out all these details.

Whenever I speak to her she keep saying her sores are back and the GP has to cut the top layer to get rid of it.

I feel so sad for her. I am not sure if her GP is a rheumatologist or just a GP.

She said most of time when she goes to Colombo she does not get the opportunity to see her GP. the GP that is available at that time will check her reports and ask her to continue taking warfarin.

I also wanted to find out if is it normal for these kind of sores to appear from time to time.

I have heard that sometimes foreign doctors visit Srilanka, but I am not sure how to find out this information, or if there is a way I can forward her reports to a foreign doctor to have a look at.

I hope a doctor can find a cure for APS so that everyone can have a happy life.

Kind regards,



Well it does appear that there is some knowledge in the area: I hope you find this useful:

Mary F x


Hi Mary, thank you for the above information. I very much appreciate it.

Elona xx




I do not believe there is any cure for APS, only management. I think diet and exercise and the right drug all help and in fact save our lives.. but this does not look legitimate.. but perhaps will make some people very good money. Criminals frequently pray on the sick and vulnerable, it is always useful to have discussion on here and weigh up pros and cons without being dismissive. However I woudl be extremely careful with this scanty information.

Kind Regards

Mary F


I agree with Mary about this product it looks very suspicious. There is no information about how the product works, what APS is or even about blood clots. The fact there is no contra indictions is the biggest eye opener and warning of the lot!

Also one of the ingredients is Echinacea, this stimulates the immune system. If you have a autoimmune condition you DO NOT want to be taking anything that stimulates it. I dont know much about any of the other ingredients but personally I would stay well clear on that basis.

Its interesting that they make this wild claim about cure and yet do not produce any studies or research to back up their claim which is usually a sign of a money making machine.

If I were you I would report them to the FDA so they can investigate and stay well clear!


Gimmick that is playing on people's fears.


when looking at the link it was 'copy righted' in 2008 if it is such a good cure why does no one know about it. I am with Mary above


and I notice the company behind the product appears to have been reported repeatedly for fraud in USA... and also markets a cure for most conditions.... they presumably continue and pop up now and again... as some people will buy 'hope'. Mary F x


Hi hon, thank you being such a good friend. I would be very sceptical about that product. I am about most things that claim to cure! I live in a coutry where many claims of cures for every ailment are in local papers, on bill boars and given out on flyers. They prey on peoples desperation. I did try homeopathy one time, made sure treatment didn't interfere with my medication. It made no differrence to me or my daughter, so we gave it up. On top of our medication, We now use diet, excersise and non synthetic natural food supplements. We only started these a month ago. Will try them for 3 months and see what, if any improvement we find. Your friend might need other medications to control her condition better. Is she under a good rhumatologist? Warfarin alone is not enough by the sounds of it. There are other medications that can be taken alongside warfarin. I would get her to a good specialist (go with her) before I tried any other treatment. Good luck. Please keep us up to date. Love Jane


looked up lipnotin web site. Please know that Berlin Homeo Products ( who run this site, and hundreds more!) claim to cure multiple conditions. They use the same testimonials for each web site. It is a scam. I am sorry.


Hi everyone,

i have used Homeopathy for many years now, for myself and also my animals.

I have to say that I agree with everything that has been said about being sceptical about this product.

Homeopathy is usually tailored to the individual i.e. two people with the same symptoms but different history would not necessarily be prescribed the same remedy. It is also unusual for so many remedies to be cobbled together.

Also some remedies can aggrevate the condition it is treating this is called a proving and should only be attempted along with a fully qualified homeopath.

Within Homeopathy there is NOT one size fits all.

Be very cautious.




I received a call back from my doctors and they agree this is a very bogus ad to hook desperate people and take their money under false pretenses. They had no direct experience with the product. They advised me to tell you to mail the flyer to the Better Business Bureau. Do you have the equivalent there? It is an organization that takes complaints on ill business practices and will investigate or fine if necessary. But as they noted, this ad is from 2008 and still running, so I don't know how hopeful you can be about a formal complaint. Anyway, tell your friend it is unfortunately a scam. She should save her money for a rheumatolgist specifically. After already suffering one amputation, I think she should be examined by Rheumatologist routinely.To my doctors' knowledge, there is no current cure for APS. They treat the symptoms, each being different in every patient.

I'm so sorry for your friend. But I have hope in medicine. Just look at the giant strides medicine has made in so many fields in just the last 15 years! HIV/AIDS is no longer an immediate death sentence. A person can live a long time with appropriate treatment. I tend to think stem cell research will benefit us if research dollars were available for APS. One would think those research dollars would be available if you take into account the tremendous amount of money it costs over lifetimes. I hope a cure comes in time for all of us.

Smiles, hugs and prayers-



Hi Canary,

thank you very much for taking time to reply to me.

Yes I will forward the website to Trading Standards.

That is the best I can do to stop them trying to take advantage of people.

I did speak to my friend yesterday regarding visiting a Rheumatologist . She said that one day she was able see the top Rheumatologist in Sri Lanka at the General hospital (paid for by the government), but when she entered his room there were two patients already in the room, one sitting on the bed, and the other sitting on the chair, so she sat on the other chair. the Rheumatologist had his feet on his table. She said the only thing he did was read her previous reports,

later he advised her to carry on taking warfarin.

Her uncle was very upset and managed to to make an appointment to see the same doctor at a private hospital.

She said that she could not believe that she had seen the same doctor as she had done under the government subsidy. He was so caring, asking her all the necessary questions. He came to the same conclusion that there was to be no change to her tablets.

That was the last day she saw him. strange how doctors treat the same patience differently just because they are now being dealt with in a private hospital and getting paid more money.

I think it a disgrace. Not every one can afford to go to a private hospital, so she will now not be able to visit a private doctor as she does not have access to any more funds.

I hope one a doctor will find a cure for this terrible illness.

Please keep me updated if you hear anything in the future.

Elona xx


i have had what ur friend as had...thankfully i did not have my hands or feet amputated thanks to st tommies....heparin every 12 hours.....and its called buergur disease....its auto immune an connective tissue disease...ur friend may of first had raynaurds...then progressed.....viagara was the other med as well as illoprost infusions......their is no cure and the condition is very hard to no doctor so this is only what happened to me....but please look it up and see if it is the same as ur friend....


Thank you for your message Natirish. I will try to find out more information regarding this disease. I can then contact my friend...x


i hope ur friend gets the help she needs....please advise her that it is a vascular surgeon , haemotologist and rheummy whom need to be is very rare in the younger years and non smokers and mainly affects men....but i come under the very rare can relate completely to the pain she feels and suffer from sores constantly on my fingers.....please make sure she gets help as with the right treatment they can save her limbs just like they did mine...good luck to u both....


Hi Natirish,

I managed to get Pro. Hughes's e mail address at St Thomas hospital. I am hoping to write him an e mail regarding my friend. I am trying to find out if there are any doctors visiting Sri Lanka for treatments. I want her to be seen by a good doctor. Doctor's in Sri Lanka are nice to you if you have money otherwise they don't have time for you. I am trying my best. That is all I can do. Thank you again for your advice. xx


the best of luck to you and your friend...please let me know how it all goes...xx


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