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I have just spent 3 weeks in hospital with emergency surgery for bowel obstruction. It was thought it may be a clot but turned out to be adhesions and scar tissue causing the pain. I have just not bounced back as I expected to, but I had 2 heart attacks while in hospital, my Raynaud's (usually only in my right hand) went to my right foot with very purple toes, and the naso-gastric tube rubbed through and caused a massive nose bleed for 24 hours before finally clotting off and getting a visit from ENT doctor to suck the clot out-Errk!!!! I've been home for a couple of weeks now but still feeling so tired and no energy. I have a leaky heart valve (new) and Cardio are hoping once the stress of the operation is over it *might* be OK. My Angiogram showed my arteries are in good shape (something had to be OK!) but I have a few follow ups with various doctors over the next couple of weeks.

I have been lurking on here but just haven't had the energy to do much else. Outpatients appointments are probably the same the world over-if your appointment is 10am it means sometime on that day!! After sitting for a couple of hours I just want to get home to bed.

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  • Oh dear you have been through the wars. I do hope things get better soon and you feel a bit better. x

  • Oh crikey.what an experience . hope you are on the road to recovery.all the stress doesn't help you.

  • Gosh poor you, had the Doctors taken you off Warfarin.

    Just wandered because you had 2 heart attacks, mine was caused by a blood clot hope you feel better soon

  • I'm not on Warfarin but Xarelto. I hadn't had the evening dose (as I went to ED) so had surgery that evening and had Clexane while in hospital and back on Xarelto at home.

  • Hi Ozchick. Sending you good wishes and hope that things will improve for you.

  • Hi Ozchick,

    I am also sending you my good best wishes and I am glad that your Cardiolog says that your arteries are in good shape!

    A big HUG from Kerstin

  • Thanks Kerstin, I needed some good news :)

  • I want things things to improve, hopefully the worst is over. God Bless. Rest and heal well my friend, Cindy in NJ

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