Clexane and lumps

This is for anyone on Clexane. I inject twice a day and am sometimes left with large painful lumps that usually bruise. I do apply arnica cream which does help but they can be very painful. My doctor cant explain it its not my technique as i also get them when nurses give it for instance when ive been in hospital, ive also had them in my legs when ive had to inject there. I just wondered if anyone else had this problem and if so any advise. thanks

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  • Yes I sometimes get lumps too, they hurt! I have been told it is normal, it's just bruising and where the injection has gone through the muscle. No tips I'm afraid, ive been injecting for years and some days it slides in no problems and others it is very difficult and painful! Sorry I can't help!

  • rub after you inject to disperse it better x

  • Nooooooooo! Do Not Rub! That will cause bruising. Just press hard on the spot where the needle has come out.

  • Hi Margaretjo

    Yes, I get them too with Fragmin, as Louise says sometimes they go in lovely and don't leave a trace and other times I either hit a blood vessel and bleed/bruise and sometimes I can't push the plunger in at all and have to try another spot.

    The lumps come sometimes and not others too.

    Hi also emmaj. I am interested in your idea of rubbing it, as I've always been told not to as that will make it bruyise more. Do you it everytime?

    Dave x

  • ohh dear - i was always told to do this, as it disperses the liquid instead os it sitting in a lump under the skin!!! I did used to do it - maybe dont rub it then!! x

  • What you say makes sense though.

    Dave x

  • If you inject really slowly and try and avoid areas that are already bruised it will help to stop new ones. When I say slowly I mean it should take you maybe a minute or two to inject the heparin. I know thats time consuming but I bet it helps.

  • Also, inject as close to the skin surface as you can, ie just under the skin surface. If you don't inject into the fat or muscle you won't get the lumps.

  • using extra fine diabetic needles work well and less bruising... unless you get pre-filled syringes

  • Hi I also get lumps and very big brusing that is painful. That do go down eventually

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