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Help with self testing

Hi I wondered if anyone can help me please. I have tested tonight and it is showing >-8.0 ????? What does this mean? I have not kept the testing strip box and it says in the manual to refer to that. I am worried as I have been ill with a sickness bug so have been unsure if my tabs have stayed in me....sorry to b yucky! I don't know what to do. Do I need some new strips which I would need to get tomorrow or am I that high on the scale that I should not take anything tonight. Any help or advise would b very much appreciated

Thank you

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I do not understand what you mean with the test strip box (?) Are you selftesting?

You must ask a doctor the first thing in the morning if you are also ill.

We are not medical trained here.

Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm


Hi thank u for your reply. Yes I am self testing. I meant the box that the self testing strips comes in. There is usually a little manual in there I think and my manual came with the self test machine says to refer to that. I hope this makes sense. Thanks again


If your INR is out of range and stays that way, you may have to take a trip to out of hours or ring 111, sickness and virus, plus medications can all affect the INR and make it go up and down. MaryF


Ok I will do that thanks mary


8.0 is too high. You really should seek medical advice as Mary suggests.


I have just had a quick look at the paperwork that comes with the strips and cann0t readily identify anything about your sort of reading. The first thing I would have done was repeat the test. If there is any doubt afterwards then ,as suggested above, seek proper medical advice.

Hope by now that it has been resolved satisfactorily though.


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