A five hour lunch with APsnotFab

I am having a brief break in London, catching up with friends and family. Today I trotted through torrential showers to meet APsnotFab for a five hour lunch - because we are ladies. We had a hilarious time and also a very useful time discussing all manner of things Hughes and Forum related....Our brains met and hatched a number of useful things.. but of course mainly because we are ladies...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxmPlkazy7k

Mary F x

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  • haha Mary & Lynn.

    Glad you had a good time.

    Dave xx

  • Yes ladies who lunch!! Ha... I'm now stuffed! Lovely to spend time with my fellow supporter who was her usual naughty self!! X

  • Yes... well I arrived back to my friend's flat to find a flotilla of ladies waiting to have dinner, old friends from London who I normally see travelling out to me... so a lovely day. See you soon. Mary F x

  • Glad you Gal's had a great time- If i could swim better , I would swim the pond to meet you all. But my breast stroke isn't the best so i better stay out of the pond.It's great you have each other for support and fun---- jet

  • Yes.....fun is the answer for most things! Mary F x

  • Aaaahhhh glad you had a nice time :) it's nice when we can meet up! hugs to you both xx

  • Yes, hopefully we all can some time. Mary F x

  • ROFL - because you're Ladies :)

  • Yes indeed! MaryF x

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