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Well last Friday, I fell down the stairs because I was thinking of a million things at the same time, and I just cannot believe how I hurt. I left it until the Sat to go to A & E and they did ususal x-ray of hips but nothing broken there, but they said I have broken ribs. At the time my arm on the left side was a little lump and now it is about 12inches in length of bruising with a lump, I have put arnica on too. Being as I am having an endoscopy next Monday I have to have INR done tomorrow and I am going to ask about the bruised arm. I just did not want to go to A & E because of junior doctors. I find that when you present them with the list of ailments, they get confused.

Anyway I will not be doing any more stunts again!!!

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Hi, there I hope you get better soon Mary F x


Oh No!!!! Hope you are ok? I fell out of a hosp bed (long story) but i thought i had broken my collier bone and my right arm and shoulder were balck and blue and lumpy they said it was the skin reacting to it it they were not much help but it did go down but it took a hell of a long time look after yourself and let us know how you get on oh and they said if the bruise turned red i needed to go to get VIT K as it was a bleed on a bleed so just keep an eye on it.



It happens so quickly dosnt it, we do not navigate correctly, brain fog and down you go.

Everyone needs to take extra care especially in the winter, ice paths!!

Rest up Daisy.


Oh Daisy you poor thing.

The arnica is a good idea. You can get arnica pills as well. Arnica 30c is a good place to start.

thinking of you and sending you Love Sue


Thank you to all of you, off to hospital this pm.


Hope you are feeling better. Remember to practice deep breathing exercises several times a day to protect you from developing painful lung issues!

Will be hoping for a speedy recovery and I hope all goes well with endoscopy if you have it done.


Hi - thank you, feeling alot better now, however still hurt especially arm and the bruise is spreading. Went to hospital and signed in and then an hour and half later still not saw anyone, so went to see the receptionist and was told that they had forgotten, also the dr had been trying to ring me at home whilst I was sitting there. My INR levels are 5.5 and had a vit k shot and had a x-ray on arm, no broken bones there, but they told me not to take Warfarin and have a vit k. Have to go for 9.00 on the ward and get INR test and hopefully it has gone down slightly. I hope I am not waiting long!!! There seems to a lack of communication between Haem doctors down here!!!! Not as efficient as ST


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