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my sister was given cyclophosphamide yesterday morning. Because she's weak and intubated it's very risky and her life is in a big danger. Can you please tell me how long does it takes to see some results or be sure that she isn't in life threatened situation. She's stable now and her vital parameters aren't change. In her case I think that's good.

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I am so sorry to hear how poorly your sister is. I am sure you will get lots of positive support on here, but I think in a situation like this you really need to speak to your sisters medical team. Who I am sure will be more than happy to talk things through with you & your family.

I had a course of cyclo infusions as an out patient July-Sept this year, & posted on here to ask about other people's experiences. So it might be worth doing a search. From what I gathered during the treatment, steroids are routinely given alongside the cyclo & these are what can have a fast acting benefit.

My haemoglobin levels were very low at the time & came up quickly once I started the treatment. I found the oncolgy nurses, who administered the treatment, to be a wealth of information & support. They see many patients going through this & understand how difficult it is, but are also able to give advice in down to earth terms.

Very best wishes, & please let us know how your sister gets on.

Roobarb. X


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