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Another long haul flight question. Help?! I'm so nervous!

I fly in 2 days from the US to Ireland (about 8 hours). First long haul flight since diagnosed. Only take low dose aspirin now. No clotting events to date, but many other symptoms. I know to get up and move often, but wondering if I should ask Dr to give me heparin for the trip only???? I'm a nervous wreck!!

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I don't see why the Dc. wouldn't- ,accept the expense, where in the country are you,I'm in N.H. . When I was taking lov-nox I gave myself the shots in the abdomen the shots were $1,100 apiece, 120 mls once a day. Let me know how you make out with the trip . sounds like a great time in Ireland..---------------jet


It would be worthwhile asking your Gp, I have had Clexane, blood thinning injection for a flight if, I need them, i am on warfarin flew long distance following Heart attack due to clot. Insurance was really expensive, but it was in months of being unwell.

Follow all advice for flying. Drink lots of water/ fluids, this will also make you exercise, toilet etc.

I would ask your Gp if not Clexane ? Increase your Asprin for the journey. Best to check with Gp first

Have a lovely time,


Have you heard of Fruitflow? You might want to google DSM FRUITFLOW, it comes in various formats ,I think the best in the US is Swansons Fruitflow. It helps your bloodflow. Good luck and enjoy your holiday.


Does the airline know you need extended seating? Be sure and take something written FROM YOUR DOCTOR (preferably on his letterhead stationery) saying that you need more leg room. With such a note they should make accommodations.

Those ungodly cramped seats are the chief reason for clots on long haul flights. So, if you finagle a seat with more leg room and follow the procedures you already know you will be fine.


Thank you all for the wonderful advice and suggestions! Looking into all of it and I'll keep you posted on the trip. : )



So I fly often. Anything over 6 hrs makes me nervous i take Coumadin and stay between 3-4 for an Inr. I home test the morning of my flight to make sure i am in range. I wear pressure socks. I drink extra water. I inform the the air attendants that I will be walking the row and do compression exercises during the flight. I get or buy the extra leg room. And I test as soon as I get to my destination. Never had any issues.


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