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menopause and treatment advice please

I suffer from Primary APS with major clotting episodes, Arterial and Venus. When I was having Chemotherapy I was warned that this may throw me into early menopause. Whereas I do not suffer hot flushes or anything like that, my periods have become slightly irregular and my husband says I am a 'bit more grumpy' than he is used to.

Does anybody else take medication for this? I am currently on Clexane injections, Asprin, mycophenolate, all daily alongside Rituximab every 9 months. I have just stared taking Evening Primrose Oil Capsules.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

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Hi MrsBL have you had a look at the Hughes Syndrome Website under the section 'diet' - natural herbal remedies? You will need to keep an eye on your INR whilst taking the Evening Primrose Oil as it my affect it. It doesn't say you can't take it but in my own experience my INR went all over the place whilst I was taking it. So do be careful won't you. I feel sorry that I haven't anything else to add to help you. I too went through the 'grumpy' phase then the hot sweats etc in the end I just decided to grin and get on with it. I know it's not much fun but it doesn't last forever! xxx


This is a very personal thing but I have continued to use my HRT patches since I had my Stroke and PE. Apparently the patches have less risk and Prof Hughes and my Gyny both agree that whist I am on heparin I am at NO risk form taking HRT. Of course I have to do my own risk versus benefit and on balance my quality of life is so much better plus there are some added benefits given that I already have a degenerative spine. Im probably at higher risk of a fall and hip fracture if I was not on it then a clot.

There was a recent really interesting study that came out on PubMed I think that debunked a lot of the negativity around HRT and said that it had more going for it than had previously been said. Plus they had proved that a lot of the risks have now proved to be wrong.

At the end of the day I think you have to do what I did, weigh up the pros and cons and do what is right for you.


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