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Exotic Travel Advice please

Hi All

Advice please: I am going travelling for 6 weeks at the end of the years, it's my transplanted kidney, Kevin's 10th birthday!! I'm going to Botswana, Zambia, South Africa, Madagascar and Mozambique (I know, showing off - sorry!!). So I have a few questions:

has anyone got experience of getting back into South Africa from Zambia with an exemption certificate for Yellow Fever?

Does anyone have any experience of the generic Malarone? I have used Malarone a few years ago in Malaysia and had no side effects but I am a little nervous about using the generic version...

Has anyone got any tips for travelling in jungles - I will be trekking and sea kayaking in Madagascar and Mozambique for about a month?

I am mega, mega excited about this trip so I'd be keen to understand any tips get advice from others.



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I have Advise "BE CAREFUL where you travel there i see specials on tv where people are held hostage !!!!!--An d i want to go with Casey and we will carry your luggage !!!!!! LOL :-)


Hi Tasch,

I agree with jetjetjet! BE CAREFUL.

Have a nice trip if you are determined to do it.

Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm


I'm always careful - most of the time... No, really, I don't take any unnecessary risks where health is concerned, perhaps I do where potential injury is (see previous horse riding accidents!)...

Thanks for the message!

Tx xx


Good for you Tasch :) I had the yellow fever jab when I went to Africa over 20 years ago now (time flies and all that) so am not sure about the exemption certificate issue. Didn't do jungles, more safaris and polio villages, but just travel light and boil your water.

Glad you're able to get away - we did some kayaking in Turkey a few years ago and it was great fun, but hard work.

Stay safe and enjoy this life xxx


Because of the transplant, I can't have the jab. We are doing Safaris though, and i will boil my water. there is also this thing that is revolutionising drinking water

I am very excited, love kayaking and all things adventure.

Thanks for your reply.

Tx xx


Well, you and Kevin have quite an adventure in the offing. Sorry I have no experience with those meds, though for me, during my hiking trip to Scotland on the shoulder season of midge time, I found Avon's Skin So Soft to be a good blood sucking bug deterrent.

I know the trip is not for a few months, but, could you let us all be drooling, Internet-reading passive vacation followers?

Happy packing! And Happy medical preparing!



Thanks for your reply, it's on the list...

I will let you all know how I get on!

Tx xx


LOL Gina! I used the same Avon product when I climbed Ben Nevis at the beginning of this month - I heard on Radio 4 that the army had tried umpteen different anti-midge deterrents but to no avail, then someone discovered the Avon So Soft range. Must remember to put it on your ears though :)


I sent a reply and it was lost, so I apologize if this comes in twice, have to write again....

I have been to all of the places you mention. I suggest taking an additional supply of all of your current medications, in their original containers. Also, just get a note from Doctor about yellow fever, I have one for polio vac., it is accepted every time. Also, take your own, blood pressure cuff and stethoscope and learn how to use it, no battery opp one. Take a thermometer and basic medical supplies along with a ten day supply of antibiotics for each person traveling.

I leave all of these supplies behind in the most remote place possible on the last possible moment when I know I will have medical help should I fall sick, as that area of the world has so little medical supplies.

South Africa has the best medical care in the area you are traveling, I have friends in Tanzania and everyone goes to SA for medical treatment. India also, should you have an emergency.

Another good thing to take, should you be so inclined, are packaged unused bras. They are next to impossible to find over there in remote villages and some women go their whole lives without one and still want them. So a no fuss, no wire, med to lg size and leave the package at local schools. Unders are also good as the young girls are unable to go to school many times due to the lack of them....just a thought.

Enjoy your trip and be safe!


Great advice - thanks.

I have been to SA before, my concern is really for Madagascar and Mozambique, but is I am intelligent (!?) I should avoid unnecessary risks...

Thanks again



Hi, sorry I don't have answers to your questions, rather I have questions of my own.

Do you need to take anti-malaria drugs while there? I assume this is what Malarone is. Does it affect your INR, if on warfarin?

I want to go to Africa at some point, but not sure how safe it is regarding the interaction of a) vaccines and b) risk of malaria with warfarin and APS. How did you approach it?

Sounds like an amazing trip; enjoy it!


No worries, glad to start a discussion....

I'm no longer on Warfarin but I have taken Malarone (yes, you're right, It is an anti-malarial) on warfarin before with no issues at all.

Africa is a huge place so if you want a beginner trip, go to South Africa or one of the most northern countries like Morocco - SA has great health care.

To check any country, the NHS has a great website called Fit for Travel ( which can advise on vaccinations and other considerations. If you need any vaccinations or tablets, then arrange an appointment with your local practise nurse as early as possible to work out what you need and when.

Obviously, I don't know your specific conditions or symptoms and you must always talk to your doctor, but I always approach these things thinking there will be solutions and then set about findgin them rather than arrange my holiday around my potential limitations... the NHS have always been brilliant and supportive so far!

(sorry, assuming you are in the UK!!)

Good luck



I took some anti-malaria drug when I visited SA years ago regardless of being on warfarin. Sorry cannot remember the name of it. No special arrangements (although I had the number of my GP's brother, also a doctor, who lived near where I spent a good while)


See Tasch - you have a following and you haven't even left -- right.

You amaze me- you go get them kid.keep me on top of your prep for this new and great adventure.. you would make a great book subject.. titled " The Adventures Of ". LOL

I truly admire your spunk and never say never attitude....

Casey sends a wag --and i a big hug :-) :-) :-)

Casey sends a wag


bless you - if you could see the state of me at the moment, I'm not sure you would say that. i am really unwell at the moment; the Lupus flare up is fading (FINALLY!!!!!) but because of the heavy drugs regime, I have picked up some nasty nasty bug (it's just a "side effect") so I am having to work from home as I can't manage/risk the commute (1hr 45 mins on public transport - each way!). Even my lovely friends are asking if I'm okay with their heads titled to the side - a sure sign that I look like crap (excuse my language...)

but maybe I'll write a book - or pamphlet (haha) on my life one day... in my spare time!

Thanks for your un-ending support

Tx xxx


Sorry to hear you are going threw some { CRAP } ----- you still are an amazing person -- don't lose the vigor or the fight .

I know you won't ---gotta go do my 3 day blood ---INR---- will get back at you --- :-)

Casey & I


I won't - found out today it's an allergic reaction to MMF... boooooo. we have had to quadruple it to beat the Lupus and now it's having another go at me.... but at least we know... onwards and upwards!

Thanks for you kind words (as ever)



having feet problems again --

Callus grow so fast they split and are sore and will bleed if i am not careful .

The Aps and the diabetes they are all over any foot problem.

my new hiking shoes split { just my luck } , company is going to replace them but i have to wait { now you know why they cal me mister Murphy } , you know Murphys law--- what can go wrong will }} LOL

so off my feet for the weekend as much as possible any ways .

so what is new with my world traveler??????????? :-) :-) :-)



I'm sorry to hear that. I haven't been doing much over the last few weeks. Really trying to get better soon so that I will be fighting fit for my trip.

I hope your boots get replaced quickly and you can be back on your feet as soon as poss.

Take care



Hi there, have a great trip and look after yourself, and if you need names for contact, in the unlikely event of feeling unwell, there are some names which crop up in South Africa attached to the main teaching hospital. Let me know if you want me to message them to you. MaryF


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