Clexane Shortage???

I have APS and have been injecting with clexane (enoxaparin) since 2008. When I picked up my script earlier today the pharmacist said he had scraped together all I needed this time but there is a shortage of Clexane.

I have looked online and can't find any reference to it but wondered if anyone else has experienced the same? I live in South East London, very grateful if anyone has any information.

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  • I have not heard of this, perhaps it is just after the bank holiday and they are catching up, lets hope so. MaryF

  • Many thanks I certainly hope so to, I use clexane because my digestive system won't tolerate Warfarin and have never had a problem with availability until now.

  • Ive not heard anything either-worth asking the chemist why he had trouble?

    Presume you get 2 mths supply? Might be worth asking for next prescription early.

  • I did ask earlier today when I picked up my script and although he said he didn't know why he did say I wouldn't get it from any other pharmacy either! I do get 2 months supply so ok for now.

  • I have had the same problem, at times, with 15,000IU Fragmin shots. The manufacturers told me to use 10,000IU & 5,000IU shots to make the 15,000IU. I pointed out to the lady on the phone that one injection per day is bad enough, let alone two!


  • I couldn't agree more! Once a day is more than enough, but if things don't improve it's helpful to know that ringing the manufacturer is an option.

  • I have this problem constantly! I'm only allowed one month at a time but have batch prescriptions so my pharmacy order in the next one as soon as I've taken the current one. That means if he can't get it all at once he has a few weeks to get it together. I'm on Dalteparin 10,000 made by Phfizer who apparently have manufacturering issues from time to time and ration it. Personally I think it's more financially related. Because of the cost of these shots no chemist keeps them in stock so on a couple of occasions I have had to go to A&E to get emergency supplies as they always prioritise hospitals when there is a shortage but you can't use your script there without A&E approving it.

  • We have the exact same problem here on the states with the lovenox. ( enox.) when one pharmacy is out, often all pharmacies are out. They call around for arch other as a courtesy to customer.

  • Yes Nonny I had the same problem with my last script! Pharmacist said suppliers were useless & unapologetic!

  • This is very interesting....I had a medicine review with my go for my repeat prescriptions and was advised that in my area Leicester that they cannot provide it within my locality's trust because of a the cost? I have to inject when my levels are low as advised by London...others alternatives are not suitable with warfarin! Xxx

  • I was on clexane instead of warferin, when I switched over 10 years ago - had to push it with GP at every review and it was always down to cost!! Just told them to contact my specialist, at one point I wrote stating that I or my family would hold them accountable if I had further strokes. They didnt like me for a while but eventually didnt question me if I asked for different doses.

    We know our bodies - worth fighting for, money / health - no arguement to us!

  • Gees what a worry and additional stress for you guys using this med. So sorry you have this issue!

  • Thank you to everyone for sharing your experiences and some helpful suggestions. Not too happy with the thought it might become a problem of supply because of the cost. I really do appreciate all the NHS does but it makes me very angry that possibly because of cost cutting a much needed and potentially life saving medication is suddenly 'not available'!

  • I work in an NHS hospital and I've just seen a safety alert that there is a national shortage (supply issue) of this drug and that availability is subject to being reduced dramatically at short notice.

  • Many thanks for the heads up, my chemist was able to come up with a supply just before I went away but the manufacturer is certainly not the same as usual and I haven't plucked up the courage to use it yet as still using my usual brand. Will need to use it shortly as like most people I inject every day.

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