Got out of hospital yesterday. Can anyone tell me the symptoms of a blood clot in a kidney, besides serious pain? Or is that the symptom?

I ended up at the hospital Sunday forba severe bloody nose that would not stop and is of course a symptom of to a inr that is to high. It was 7.5 or so they gave me 2 bags of FFP and finally a vitamin K shot, which I thought they shoul have tried first. Anyway my inr went down to 1.5 obviously much to low. They did not give me anything for the overly thin blood. When the dr finally got to me yesterday I was suprised to find he knew what APS was and that I would be the best person to get myself back on track an thankfully realeased me. I hate being in hospital as it feels like u are aa prisoner! Any a couple hours after morning blood work I started having significant pain n my left kidney. I had to get some warfarin in my body as I was becoming very symptomatic. Since dr said for me to go home and get back on my meds I almost had to walk out at 1:30 as I had requested they process the paperwork and let me leave so I could go home and get my meds. My husband told them we had to go becaue I know my body and i needed my meds. So they quickly discharged me so I would not be ama. By the time I got home the kidney pain was excruciating I went directly to my meds and took my warfarin. Withing an hour my kidney began to feel much better, so did my head. Im pretty sure I had a clot in my kidney which I will bring up when I see my pcp. Also I have had the same experience with my kidneys before. Doe anyone agree that it was probably a clot? I hope this message makes some sense as I am far from myself at this time. But will demand my insurance get me back my home INR machine as this woud never have happened if I still had it!!!

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  • Hi,

    Did you have an INR of 7.5 in the vein? Then they gave you too much to lower your INR and you got a clot.

    Try to keep the INR in range and take more tests and also if you are going to selftest make sure the vein-INR-value will keep its difference steady compared to the CoaguChek-value in your finger , if there is a difference of course. Also try to get a Fragmins-shot if you selftest and the INR-value is too low.

    Hope you do not wait too long before you see your Specialist. Hope also you will feel better now.


  • Yeah they over reacted and didn't give meds to bring it up. I just asked to try vitamin K shot but they were freaking with the 7.1ish which was result of blood draw at hospital. I gunna have to fight ins to get Inr testing supplies back. Im sure the hospital stay is gunna cost them a lot more $$. Also NEVR would jabe happened If they hadn't taken it away. I have the Alere machine but strips r out of my financial ability. Thank u very much.

  • I am pleased you went to hospital after we spoke on line, you must ask them to run some kidney tests and blood tests to see what is going on, especially with the past history. Please also make sure you contact your main specialist and at least send an email in short, detailed bulled points of what has recently happened, with copy to your doctor, at least that is what I would do. MaryF

  • Good idea. I always get copies of all test results and keep them for my many drs. Aas I said to Kerstin I am goin to fight tooth and nail to get back my home testing supplies my ins took away. And will have dr run blood an uine tests to check kidney function. It feels pretty much back to norml I just haad to get warfarin in me. Thank u. I knew I needed to go to hospital but since they make me feel trapped I hate to go. I have a nasty case of closterphobia that makes it very hard as u r practically a prisoner.

    Thank you. I was goin to go to hospital just needed a experienced person to agree. Now its rest and get blood right again. Have aa great day!

  • I agree with Mary & Kerstin.


  • Thanks Dave. I went stayed for 24 hours and finally escaped. Lol

  • In answer to your question I would not think it was a clot in your kidney. Warfarin can take up to 36 hours to work through your system so it would never have made you feel better in an hour or two. Personally I'm wondering if you were very dehydrated which could have been the cause of your distress.

    I am with Kerstin, you should ask for some LMWH to use when your INR falls too low.

  • Have your ruled out regular kidney stones?

    Kerstin from Hawaii

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