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Warfarin Cause Calcification of Arteries?

Hey all! Have any of your doctors informed you of the risks of warfarin?

I just came upon some informaiton regarding the impact of warfarin on the arteries. Essentially, warafin contributes to calcification because it acts against vitamin K, which has a protective impact.

Additionally, it looks like vitamin D can exacerbate this process. And on Dr. Jack Kruse's website, he mentions that he gets his patients who are anticoagulation therapy off Coumadin so that he can go forward with fixing their vitamin D deficiencies. (he mentions use of Pradaxa, Lovenox and asparin).

Is anyone else aware of this? Have any of your doctors addressed this concern of arterial calcification? If so, what have they done for you?

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hi kid - im here in the states, my doc and i have had discussions of pradaxa, i didnt like the sounds of it , to his dismay? now here in the states its being reconsidered- love nox-they gave me in e.r. to dissolve floating clotts , a shot in the gut every 4 hours for a week, it got me thru the clots i had all over, lungs ,legs ,neck ,arm pit, -i my self have a concern with the pradaxa more than anything now as they here in the states are raising alot of questions about its being safe??- asparin not a choice for me, i think the warfarin is the best i can deal with, after its kept me alive --- this just my opinion, as every one is different, now i am also so on hydroxychloriquine - as a second thinner, to me you will have to choose , just what you want to do , as i said these are my concerns. ------------------------------- jet


Hi as a warfarin user this is news to me? Why are we never told anything? Sometimes I do think its best not to know and just get on and enjoy what time we have left!! arrgghhhhh......


What this Dr does sounds risky to me. Taking patients off warfarin to fix vitamin D. I have never heard of this Dr but I prefer to stick with Prof Hughes theories to be honest and warfarin in correct doses has been in use for over 50 years and is considered safe. I am interested in vitamin D level but my GP won't test it as I take cod liver oil so he says I MUST have enough.


My Dr's won't put me on warfarin for this reason as I have Temporal Artritis and we don't want any more problems with the arteries. I just take low dose aspirin and all the other medication for the temporal artritis.


well was told have calcification of messenteric artery and i take Vit D had CT scan last week and awaiting for what needs doing as feeling terrible after eating.


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