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Inspiration - free!

Hi All

Have you heard of TED talks ( TED.com )? I have been addicted now for about two years and I thought I would share links with some of the most inspirational ones on there...

The talks are usually 20 minutes of less and there are thousands on the site but easy to search through (you will get addicted too...)

Here are a few of my favourites (happy watching):

Aimee Mullins:

I thoroughly recommend that you watch this next clip - it's slightly different (and I think she has three videos on TED alone) but she is absolutely my inspiration!



(i think it's this last one that talks about turning adversity into an advantage)


Charity Tillemann-Dick (singing after a double lung transplant)


Janine Shepherd (a broken body isn't a broken person)


Anthony Atala (printing a human kidney)


I really hope you guys get as much inspiration from this website as I regularly do... Please feel free to add any links you think are particularly great below...


Much love

Tx xx

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Hi Tasch,

Will have a nosy later, you should put one on, our very own lady daredevil. :-)

Gentle hugs love Sheena xxxx :-) :-) :-)


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