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Dyslexia.....any connection?

Dyslexia.....any connection?

I have been wondering for a while wether APS & Dyslexia has any connection?

I've had problems with my words & concentrating long before any other signs of APS.....

I have been talking to a friend recently that has Dyslexia & so many things she says she has gone through from her disorder I find I have had silmilar?

Which includes the lack of concentration, words going in the wrong order when speaking, can't think or pull the word out I am trying to say......I know what I want to say but it gets lost for a bit! letters going in the wrong place when speaking or writing, only taking small amounts of info' in at a time, struggling to speak or stuttering, she also mentioned one of the things ( amongst many ) reading against a green background is better for her too? there were many things she mentioned??

Maybe it is just that APS does something to the memory etc that seems to mimic Dyslexia.....I know prof' Hughes knows about our 'spoonerisms' & how we struggle to function quickly, especially if inr is low.....I am just thinking out loud really......I am just throwing this by you to see what you think? maybe they are just alike??....

I have been looking into finding any research on this....but as of yet I havn't found any.

Only individual research.

Dyslexia link:

I know they have been looking into wether there might be a connection between APS & Autism within a family gene? maybe they're connected in some way?

I know Paddy did a post once back in Nov' last year too, titled 'brain fog' which brought the subject up:


I often use 'Spoonerisms' on a daily basis! which she says is something she has done a family have got so used to my mumbo jumbo talk! as I'm sure many of yours have too......

I have once said in a supermarket: I need to get the f***ing cat....when I meant to say the cooking fat!!........ yep I was embarrased :(

I went to put in a message on here earlier with the word 'counting' but went & missed the 'o' out!!! luckily I check my posts before I press send ...........most of the times nowadays!!!!

I was going red just at the thought of it! lot will be thinking I have tourettes next!! :(

Spoonerisms link:

'Ronny spoonerism' link:

What do you think about this?

I hope you are pappy heeps ....I mean happy peeps!!! ;) xx

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Hi hon

I know a fair few autistics who have dyslexia, so I wonder if there may be a link, I remember Professor Hughes mentioning possible, but unproven links between Hughes and Autism, at this years Patients Day. Although it may be that our sticky blood causes similar cognitive disfunction as you say. Hopefully one day they will research further and establish some facts and what if anything they can do about our foggie brains and Hughies speech!! :-)

Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxxx :-) :-) :-)


Yes I reckon some answers will come out in research to do with it all too.

Hugs to you too hun, hope you are a little better, will come & see you again soon with the girlies :) xxxx


Absolutely delightful spoonerisms, Suzypaws! And my compliments on your usual excellent photography! My dearest friend, Rae, of over 50 years is dyslexic. I had at least 10 years of speech therapy/school because I couldn't say an "R" and would annunciate it as a "w". I had a French mother and the French use completely different throat muscles for their "R"'s. Its farther down the throat and deeper. They made me do tongue twisters in the mirror every day,

"The bright red rabbit ran over the railroad tracks." So now I sound like a German with an over emphasized "R". For years I simply wouldn't speek because I was so embarrassed of my speech. And Rae was so embarrassed of her words not coming out as she thought them. It was very wise of God to move us next door to each other at age 8, so that we could become great allies for one another. Dating was the worst for us. We both always worried about the speech test. If they could get through tolerating our speech with a sense of humor they had a chance. No humor, no second date. Any teasing and Rae would figure a way to get them back. I was a consumate coward, but she was brave and creative. The real big mistake people make is they think if one is dyslexic they are not as smart as others. Frequently, dyslexics will have a gift. Suzy its your photography, sense of humor and enourmous heart that you were given instead. My pal, Rae, was also given a heart the size of Texas and a quick wit even it she can't spell it! (FYI, her father had a very reputable photography studio in Chicago when he was alive. Their home has been in House & Home Garden (famous magazine here) several times. She knows more about antiques than anyone I know. She may not be able to spell it, but she knows it. She ended up being an interior designer. They don't care if she can spell, only if she has taste. One can have dyslexia in degrees like APS. Some have more serious cases than others. Some just get more help earlier than others. It used to be called minimal brain damage which encompassed ions of disorders like dyslexia, autisim that didn't quite fit the standard bill, stuttering, and ADHD before they gave it a name. Cher had dyslexia, Ben Franklin, Thomas Edison; lots of real blessed brain people.

Brain neurons are facinating things. The very fact that they can reprogram themselves after damage is amazing to me. We are facinating creatures, none of us perfect, all of us unique.

Thanks for posing the question and thanks for the photo. They were both great and appreciated.

Smiles, and warmest wishes to you.



Thank you for your post on this & kind words :) also your story of past.....really a joy to read :) yes we all have our own talents in different areas & I think we all have big hearts as we are all on here to support each other & understand what we all go through so are probably more aware of others needs than the average person & don't always put ourselves first....

All the best to you too Canary x


This is a really interesting subject to me as I have always fuddled my words and been the centre of amusement for my family. My husband and Father are usually in hysterics with what I come out with but they are the only two who openly laugh at me!!

What interests me is that my son had ADHD and also Dyslexia so it concerns me a little that he may be carrying a gene that links to this awful condition. Time will no doubt tell.

On a lighter note....I think the classic spoonerism is this one......enjoy!


Ok that's really wierd....maybe its just how my phone is displaying my post,but my bit with the link to the you tube video that you have actually just put on!! has disapeared & left a big gap instead?!

I shall have to check it all in morning on my lap top

Yes it is certainly an interesting subject x


Dont worry its still there - Ive just played it! x


Sue you creased me up with the cooking fat experience!

I remember once, after my Dad had his initial TIA', he was trying to give instructions on how to make the perfect pims. He was using eggcups as measures as we were on holiday in Portugal and were inprovising on equipment.

He directed us to put two 'eggf**** fulls of gin and one 'eggf*** full of pyms'! He also kept referring to mushrooms as merkins. He has now been dead four years and my family still call mushrooms merkins, strange! x


oh yeah....there he is my hiding link...obviously they dont show on mobile phones then.....duh!!! ;)

Aaaaah Sue....I shall now call mushrooms merkins!!

I said earlier today that we were making room on the front garden so we can put the drive on the car!!!!!! yes I meant car on the drive...............;)



I was a literacy support teacher and taught children who were struggling with reading writing and spelling, some dyslexic some not. Got into it because my eldest son was diagnosed with dyslexia aged 7 It does run in families. When I had a TIA or stroke in 1998 I managed to get back to work for a while, but it soon dawned on me that I was experiencing the same problems as my pupils! My son (30) has no symptoms whatsoever of Hughes, neither does my younger one (28) who I think may have been mildly dyslexic. Unlike me they were very healthy children and now adults rarely have to go the GP.


Funny you should say that, I used to teach Dyslexic children on a voluntary basis when we lived abroad and I was not allowed to work. Again I got into it because of my son. When being taught the course to qualify to do the work I found it really difficult and realised I was probably as bad as the kids!


I hope they stay ok too :)

I as a child was never unwell, no colds, measles etc..... except for the back used to trap a nerve from the age of 13....they said it was the spine out of line slightly ( even tho' they never xrayed?? ) now I'm told I have degenerative disc disorder!!

it was only once in my late 20's did I start to get anything....including colds & chicken pox!!! then diagnosed with APS at 31......

thanks for adding your imput too x


we also did a poll on this subject have a look



I constantly substitute wrong words, and forget words and some days really can't spell, let alone the lack of remembering. my family all snigger, and I snigger back etc. Mary F x


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