Dry mouth and fatigue when pregnant

Hi all,

I am currently 19 weeks 3 days pregnant with aps, currently on aspirin only.

My question is has anyone else experienced a really dry mouth and bad fatigue while pregnant?

I'm not sure if this it just normal pregnancy symptoms made worst by aps or if something else is going on. I forgot to mention it to my midwife but she tested my wee and said all was fine.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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  • HI, remind me who is looking after your? Are you under a designated Hughes Syndrome/APS specialist? MaryF

  • Hi, im being looked after by haematology obstetric consultant, Dr Susan Robinson at Guys. She specialises in aps in pregnancy.

    Before bloods confirmed aps she suggested I might have Sjögren's. But I have never experienced dry mouth before.

  • I would get in touch with her and ask if you need a check up, just to be on the safe side. MaryF

  • I'm next due to see her on the 9th of this month, does this sound urgent to you? Or do you think it can wait until then?

  • That sound pretty soon, but just keep an eye on it. MaryF

  • Thanks. I'll put a note in with my maternity notes so I remember to tell her.

  • I seem to remember she did not want you to also be on heparin as well as aspirin which is the normal protocol is that still the case?

    Have they suggested Plaquenil or are you already on it? If you do have sjogrens or are starting to present with it them it may be something that could benefit both the pregnancy and your Sjogren like symptoms.


  • As I have never had a clot and haven't tried a pregnancy with aspirin only they won't just give heparin. Having said that a Doppler scan to measure blood flow from me to baby has been ordered and growth scans, should any of these show abnormal results they will add heparin.

    I have had a bleeding episode once before which adds to their reluctance to give the heparin.

    Sjorgens has not been confirmed, but I have been referred to a neurologist for memory issues - not sure if there is a link there.

    Thank you for the link. I will have a look into plaquenil as well.

  • Good luck with your pregnancy. I can't answer your questions but thought you may like to know after my multiple losses I was given just aspirin (didn't know back then I had Hughes / APS) and I delivered two successfully.

    I then fell pregnant again but was advised not to take aspirin- and had a placental abruption at 33 weeks (thankfully my baby girl survived)

    Good luck and take care x

  • Thank you for your reply.

    To be honest I was very scared at first and didn't have very much confidence in aspirin only - however all is going well so far - touch wood. The care I have received from the NHS is also very reassuring.

    My opinion of aspirin has certainly changed.

    Thank you for sharing your positive story, they are always wonderful to hear!


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