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Heart block

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Hi I am new here.

Recently I was given a 24 hour holter monitor to wear. A week later my GP called me into his surgery to tell me results were back showing pauses in rhythm due to heart block and I would probably need a pacemaker ?

My concern is I still have not had an appointment with a cardiologist. It has been 4 weeks since I saw my GP.How long should I expect to wait to be seen ? Very worried after being told this news.

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In the UK, no longer than 18 weeks from referral. Best check with appointments that referral has been received.

If you have a blackout, go to casualty and ask to see the on call cardiologist. This should speed things up.

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Thanks for the reply.No dizzy spells as yet.


Could you please let us know what your initial symptoms were please and your initial reason for attending GP

Thank you

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Hi I had been suffering with benign ectopic beats for about ten years.

This was a new symptom feeling of many pauses in a slow rhythm. Ok when I am active but as soon as I am resting this horrible rhythm starts.

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How old are you Anto1234

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Hello Anto,

I have had 1st Degree Heart Block for maybe eight years – it’s very common. Plus I’ve had ectopic heart beats probably for some 45yrs – which can be part of the problem. Anyway, as long as your heartbeat doesn’t fall too low – my heart runs at about 55 per minute – you’re probably, like me, okay. Dizzy spells, as our friend has said, can be an indication that a pacemaker is best for you. Apart from getting dizzy on standing very occasionally, I’m not affected by that. Do please bear in mind that I’m not a doctor, but I would imagine, from what you say, that your cardiologist may very well say that a pacemaker isn’t necessary, and tell you what symptoms to look out for. You’re very likely okay, with the possibility of a pacemaker later on. See what he has to say – and stop worrying about it – I stopped worrying years’ ago *_~



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Anto1234 in reply to pnokio

Hi still waiting for appointment with cardiologist. As I said no dizzy spells yet but feeling this slow irregular rhythm more often now.Pretty much there constantly when resting.

Resting heart rate usually around 53.

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