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I am 22 and female, I weigh 9 stone and I have been having the feeling of thudding in my chest and neck every day, chest pains and random racing heart for around 1 year. I had numerous ECG tests (the monitor) and blood tests and they found nothing. I was then taken in an ambulance again last week with a heart rate whilst resting of 152 bpm. Months ago the doctors put this down to anxiety, the doctor now said he heard a heart murmur and it’s definitely not down to anxiety. I am on 1.25 bisoprolol. I can feel my heart beating hard even when it’s slow, this is especially worse after eating, and in a morning. Can anyone shine some light on what this could be as it’s so scary and the doctors don’t seem to know what’s wrong with me.


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Hello there! So sorry you have had no reply so far.

It can be very hard to get a diagnosis of an arrhythmia if it comes and goes and many people (women especially) have a finger pointed at anxiety. When one's heart's going off the rails, it can bring on some anxiety! You can maybe borrow an event monitor from your doctor to use when you sense there is something amiss and get a reading at the time. But surely there will have been an ECG for a competent eye to look at when you were taken to hospital?

Having an electrical quirk is not necessarily a sign of a faulty heart.


Hello there,

I suggest you to see an electrophysiologist (cardiologist who specializes in Arrhythmias) I am suffering from anxiety and irregular heartbeats. I’ve seen several cardiologist, had several tests, ecg etc... all of them were okay but finally one electrophysiologist was able to find what was wrong with me.


Hello! I'm so sorry to hear that you're having such a difficult time. I really emmpathise as I'm experiencing the same symptoms but in my case only for the last month- it must be really distressing for you to have put up with it for over a year, without much help, you poor thing. I do hope the new medication helps you. Like you, I had the usual blood tests etc which found nothing abnormal. I'm now waiting for the 24 hour ECG but yes, anxiety has been suggested as a cause- or worst still, my age!! (I'm a lot older than you but fit and not overweight). I don't think it's either. I'm really worried the ECG will fall on a 'good' day and I'll be sent away to get on with it- it's hard, isn't it? I too am much worse after eating and when laying down (which might account for why you feel worse in the mornings?). My doctor has said this suggests it may be 'vagal arryrhmia'- a disturbance of the vagus nerve, which is closely linked to digestion and posture. Loads of tips online, if you look it up- eating little and often etc. Also lots of information on taking Magnesium supplements as linked to arrythmia- I've started these and think it may be helping a bit. Anyway good luck with the drug you're being presecribed and let us know how you get on- so sorry I can't be more helpful but at least you know you're not alone, there are a lot of us out there!


Hi , sorry to hear you’re suffering this, ive also had issues for two years after a big attack of svt and needed an ablation. I was also on bisoprolol with no affect then put on the 80 mgs slow release propanalol and at last this tablet is working. As starlight26 mentions im pretty sure mine is a vagal arrhythmia or some sort of nervous system problem as my triggers are lying down, eating, drinking, alcohol, tiredness and even sitting out in the sun!! Bisoprolol is more for the heart where propanalol blocks out some responses from the nervous system shame you couldn’t try this . All the best.


Hi Lorentill

I have similar symptoms. I am in my 60s and been having them since around 40. For no reason I will experience a missed or extra beat not sure which and unless I can stop in tracks with holding deep breath at back of throat it will progress into an arrhythmia up to 105bpm lasting from minutes to 3 hrs which I feel thudding on right side of neck where vagal nerve runs.Have had holster, ecg, heart sonograms when episodes have been detected but no reason as to why happening. I too am sure it is connected to stimulation of vagal nerve as happens on occasion when I turn my head, bend down also when I first go to bed but only ectopic beats when I lie down. Check out cardiologist Sanjay Gupta on YouTube who I was told about by another member. Good luck


Hi there! I know the frustration of not getting a diagnosis. I had my episodes of SVT from age 9 and it was never "caught" using event monitors etc, until I was 17. My episodes are sporadic which made it hard to detect. Recently, I visited my cardiologist after a while and he recommended possibly getting an AliveCor KardiaMobile which has ECG hardware. It would make it so you could record any heart issues, and potentially slow your doctor.


Hey how are you you ok I’m Matthew I’m 21 I’ve got svt and it sounds abit like what happeneds to mee


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