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Fluttering heart

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suffer from PVCS, PACS and sometimes SVT. The PVCS have gotten worse these last three months for some reason but I ignore them for the most part.

Last night I had an episode that scared the crap out of me. We have assigned parking and sometimes there is no extra parking so one of my family members have to park across the street. Last night it happened to be my son and he asked me to pick him up so he didn’t have to walk. As soon as I pulled up to let him in my heart started to flutter and beat very hard and I felt as though I couldn’t breath. The episode lasted for around 10ish seconds. It all happened so fast I’m not sure if I got light headed but I don’t think I did. This episode felt exactly how my PVCS feel even the feeling like I can’t breath only I have never ever had an episode that lasted that long. Normally it’s just one or two at a time.

I do have a loop recorder implanted going on two and a half years now and I rushed home to get the clicker to put a marker in the ECG. I then sent the information over to Medtronic and went to the ER. My EKG was normal, they put me on the monitor for thirty mins and didn’t really see anything abnormal there and took some blood that was mostly normal. They just so happened to have a Medtronic reader that can pull information from people’s pace maker so they decided to use it to pull the info from my loop recorder. They called Medtronic and the tech there said that there was an issue in that no rhythm was captured just my heart rate which is weird and angers me. He said he could see where I marked and went back a tad and saw where my heart rate was 90 and suddenly dropped to 60 for around 10 seconds and then shot back up to 90. I am guessing this is when the episode happened because my heart was not racing it was just fluttering and forceful. The hospital released me, I went home and went to bed. This morning I called my EP’s office and left a message for the assistant that takes care of the loop recorders to call me but he never did and we’ll today is Friday and so I’m really on edge now knowing I won’t be able to speak to someone until Monday and that’s if they even return my call.

I am literally terrified that it’s gonna happen again and that when it does it will kill me or something. I am worried because I have never had something like this happen and I to be honest I’m also a little worried about the increase in frequency of my PVCS lately as well now.

Anyone have a similar event happen? I need to talk to someone because I’m losing my mind.

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Everything you say is what i experience only i would say mine last around five or six seconds, i have them regularly, sometimes i have them a couple of times a day or other times a several times a week then i may get a short time of relief for a couple of weeks. Mine have been happening for around four years now, they are terrifying,

I never get used to them, my heart “pauses” for those seconds or thats how it feels then i feel as though i will faint but dont, i get gas in my stomach, i gasp my heart goes again at a rapid rate and things go back to normal.

My EP seems unconcerned, medically, although sympathises. I report the incidences every time i have a consultation which is currently every six months. I have asked for a ILR many times but they havent felt it necesssry although i think at last they are considering the need for one.

My ectopics feel to be in three distinct areas of my heart. Some felt towards the bottom of my heart feel like insistent unrelenting thuds, those felt in the middle of my heart are the type of pauses you mention and then there are the huge kicks i feel in my upper chest where i feel as though i have been kicked,

All in all its horrible and i sympathise. Oh for a period free from one or other let alone the paroxysmal afib and svt. Thank goodness you have an ILR fitted and your main cardiac team have them captured and can help you.

Would you please let us know what your EP makes of your particularly nasty episode as there will be a number of us without an ILR who don't have a clue what is happening to us. Try to be calm in the interim, difficult as i know only too well. Best wishes. (Incidentally i have had one of the pauses and had to wait for the episode to pass while replying to you).

I could have written your post myself. I have had PVCs and PACs for 20 years which are just one or two flip flops. I don’t pay any attention to them anymore. Over the last year, I’ve had an increase in these types of beats - still don’t worry about them.

But over the last year, I’ve also had exactly what you describe - fluttering or flopping like a fish that lasts 10-20 seconds. Sometimes I get very lightheaded and feel that I am about to faint. This rhythm starts feeling exactly like a PVC/PAC but then just doesn’t stop.

I am seeing my cardio on Monday to discuss the implantable recorder because none of these events have been on Holter.

I have experienced this as well. It feels like a punch from the inside of your chest. For me it probably only lasts for seconds but it feels longer and sometimes I think it won’t stop and go back to normal. It kind of feels like it knocks the wind out of me. I have used my heart monitor app and my rate rate drops after it happens. My normal rate is usually somewhat high, like in the 80’s while resting but when this has happened it has dropped all the way into the 60’s which is quite low for me. And this part is weird but sometimes it also puts air in my chest which causes burping. I have had all tests as well. A holter monitor recorded PVCs, PACs and tachycardia. I even had some triple PVC’s recorded and maybe even a run of four in a row if I remember correctly. They even recorded some after my exercise stress test but were not concerned. They feel so strong when they come on out of no where and definitely get your attention. I’ve tried just ignoring them as well. Hopefully it brings you some piece of mind that you are not the only one and it may just be normal.

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I am so sorry to read of your recent experience. If you need any emotional support or advice, then please do not hesitate to contact Arrhythmia Alliance (heartrhythmalliance.org) we are always happy to help.

I just wanted to jump on and update everyone who kindly responded to my post.

I spoke with the guy who handles the loop recorder transmissions at the EPs office a little bit ago. He was able to pull up my transmissions and oddly enough he had the actual ECGS from the recording I made on Thursday. I am not sure why the Medtronic technician told the ER doctor that there was no rhythm strip because there definitely was. So basically it looks like an 8 second run of SVT, strange my SVT never really felt that way before but my episodes are normally extremely short and happen incredibly rarely and so maybe that’s why? He first said it looked like a string of PVCS but after speaking with my EPs nurse he came back and said it was atrial. He is having the girl that sets up appointments call me so I can go in and see the doctor but that’s all I really know for now.

I thought he might have seen something else because before he got to the rhythm strip for that day he asked me when the last time was that I had a stress test. I did circle back to that at the end of the call. I asked him if he saw anything else amiss that prompted that question but he said no he just thinks a stress test would be a good idea to look for blockages to make sure the frequency of my ectopics isn’t being caused by a blockage and then the longer run of SVT since it’s not normal for me. I hope they are right in that it is SVT. I don’t want an arrhythmia period but I think I would rather an atrial arrhythmia then a ventricular one, perhaps? Or maybe I mean I would rather it be SVT then NSVT etc

I have been having some strange chest pains and arm pains lately. I think the last echo I had was in 2018 and stress test not since 2017. I also suffer from shortness of breath but I thought it was because I was overweight and I smoke (I know and I am trying).

Hi Careful1

Reading the posts above , I’ve suffered for quite a few years with what you have all described.

I’ve had ectopic beats for over 30 odd years, been under Barts that long also,

now again I get what feels like my heart has stopped beating and flutters, I start coughing to get it going again, but I have had some awful turns where I feel like all the blood is being drained for my head and I-am feel pressure in my head and always worried Iam going to black out ...I’ve had umpteen 24hrs tapes and also a revel device put in my chest for over a year, the consultant said they had caught something and that they would try an Ablation, they Tried to bring on the missed beats, but to no avail... they have assured me there not dangerous, but when I have these attack I think that’s it Iam a gonna ...funny enough Iam having another 24hr tape tomorrow and two weeks after echogram...back in February I was having a lot of missed beats and no sleep , my pulse is quite high all the time also even at rest 85-90 and I feel so tired lately too...I’ve had to wait 8 weeks for the tape due to covid..

Not that I want them find anything bad..but it does get me down.

I’ve been taken magnesium tablets for last few months too which have seemed to help with missed beats...

I hope you get some answer and help too.

All the best


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