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just been released from hospital again today sat drinking tea watching tv when mt heart rate shot up from a normal resting heart rate to 125 in a split second got a tight chest and struggled to get oxygen in tried to calm myself down and breath long and slow it came down to 107 then shot up again at this point i called a ambulance and was taken to accident and emergency they looked at my ecg a few eptopics but nothing shouting out at them didnt go into vt and my icd has recorded nothing magnesium pottasium and salts were a little low but nothing to be concerned about after a hour i was back to feeling normal but kept in over night now one cardiologist says could be a arrhythmia coming from the top chambers raising the heart rate the other says could be my icd settings so they have changed the settings on my icd and upped my betta blockers a little has this happened to any one else i also felt dizzy and sweaty they tell me i didnt go into vt so wasnt life threatening but felt really rubbish for a hour

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  • Was going to say good luck for cardiologist today? Did you not make it to see her? Sorry to hear you've had another admission 😢 I have SVT which is in the top chambers and my heart rate normally would of gone up to 220ish when I was in an episode. I've had it when my magnesium and potassium have dropped and I felt like I've needed oxygen. When my heart rate is under 140 it normally is still in sinus rhythm so they say it's not my SVT when I feel palpitations but possibly another pathway (I had more then one) hope your feeling better now it's horrible being in hospital. Completely wipes you out. Hope your feeling better.

  • Are you on meds for your SVT? Is it anxiety related?

  • Hi Billie I was on flecanide and diltizem had to be taken off of flecanide because it triggered something else. Then was just on diltizem. That was after one ablation that was aborted as they found it was more complex then they originally thought. Medications didn't help at all and I was still getting episodes. I have just had my second ablation with a robot and have been taken off of my meds apart from anticoagulants. Feeling a lot better It's not anxiety related but I'm sure being anxious doesn't help. Do u have SVT?


  • Try switching over to decaffienated tea or coffee. In some people caffeine can bring on symptoms. It does for me.

  • i stopped drinking coffee as soon as i got diagnosed

  • That is good but you stated you were "sitting drinking tea" .tea has caffeine in it just like coffee.

  • Don't drink tea...the Dr advised me to drink decaff tea n coffee if I really must..but that mite b one of ur triggers

  • Tea may be the problem. I only drink water -the odd cup of tea. Had you been eating too? lots of tips on what you should eat -

  • i think it was more the medication as they have put me back on bisop i do feel a bit better

  • i do drink lots off tee

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