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My heart rate drops suddenly, isit anxiety or something more serious ? Arrythmia ?

Do I have an heart rhythm problem or is it anxiety or both ?

It all started when I had a septorhinoplasty 5 months ago, my pulse rate had increased to 95 - 110, so they kept me in hospital for a night, did an ECG on me, nothing came up, I was not breathless and did not have chest pain...

I was terrified at the high resting rate for a couple of weeks, it eventually settled, within a few weeks, but I did have what felt like panic attacks 3 times during those weeks.

After this I became aware of my heart and checked my pulse regularly, I had been dieting and had became very active, which saw my resting heart rate drop to around 55 on average. A few times I get vertigo, but I never had breathlessness, I do experience chest pain, but I do have acid reflux and the pain usually varies depending on my body position...

Besides all this what has been scaring me is sudden drops in heartbeat and ecoptic beats, I haven't noticed anything like that whilst walking normally, but while I walk around, and do "things" in the house, I have been experiencing them everyday. They usually do not take my breath away and when they feel like they do, I do not get dizzy or anything like that....

(I also get pauses as I go from a standing up to and sitting down position, where the heart pauses and then begins an normal rhythm) I also do get palpitations.

What happens is my heart slows down and then begins it's Normal rhythm, it also happened when my manager at work as a joke tap my chest a little hard, it slowed down a few beats and began normal rhythm again, it happens a lot while I am anxious, I have had an echodiagram, 24 hour monitor, at least 8 ecgs, I had blood tests in A/E and nothing has come up so far, but I am worried this doesn't seem normal ...

It is effecting the quality of my life , please help ! Thank you :)

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You may have an inherited cardiac channelopathy disorder, genetic heart conditions that can cause sudden death in seemingly perfectly healthy young people. You can find more information about these conditions and how to confirm if you have them or not by visiting our website:

Or you may contact our Director of Family Support, Matt Siemionko directly at or 1.800.STOP.SAD

Good luck and we hope you get it figured out!

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hi Tayhar

Can you please tell me what is u have Actually Problem?

because I have 100% Same problem & I use Anxiety Medicine.




Did y'all find out anything ? I have the same thing and also been diagnosed with anxiety


Did u ever find out what was wrong. I have something similar to this. I need to find answers. I also have anxiety


Hello, has anybody had any diagnosis for this im getting same thing, ectopics when going from standing to sitting, low pulse when sitting(upper 50s, although this changes through the day) to 100-110 standing average. Ive been told POTS but unsure, also get heart pounding(slow and fast) plus other symptoms, hard to believe its all benign. Im desperate for answers :(


Hav u seen doc?


yes, they havnt got a clue :(


I have racing heart and ectopics. From my reading on people experience, the gp generally don't really concern about it. Why its happening always clueless.. I had seen few gp and a specialist (cardio) just to find the roof why all this happened. Taking medication just reducing the simptomps but not bring us to back to normal. If we just ignore it it might developing to another phase. 😩


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