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My arrhythmia

Hi, im 20years old, in December 2015 I randomly started feeling my heart racing and becoming a bit dizzy with it too! I went to the doctors and they just did a couple tests but couldn't find it, then on 24th Jan I went to a&e with my issue and they clocked my heart on ecg doing 241 beats per min! They put me on a drip which brought it down and sent me on my way. Unfortunately I was back in on the 4th of February but it randomly stopped just as I was being examined, anyway I was back in on Easter Sunday where they admitted me because nothing brought my heart rate down from 273 so I required an electric shock, which thankfully worked! I was put to sleep prior so I didn't feel a thing! They then attempted the ablation but to no avail because they needed to have my hart kicking off so you pin point which parts they needed to effectively burn off on my heart. So they sent me home. I was back in 10 days later and they eventually managed to do the ablation, unfortunately I wasn't allowed the anaesthetic because it could have stopped my heart from going fast enough to do the procedure, they did give me an injection to make the groin go numb, but fear not, you can't feel too much even if they are feeding things up to your heart! The only thing I could feel was when they actually had to start the burning, I managed to deal with it on the whole but after about 45 mins of solid burning I couldn't take it any more and had to ask for some morphine, never had it before but that stuff is awesome! Anyway, whilst in there the doc told me that I actually had 2 arrhythmias! Unlucky eh! Anyway he did the ablation to both arrhythmias and monitored me for a couple of days. (You can watch what the doc is doing to your heart on a screen he is using as a guide, I did but you don't have to!) After a few days much to my disappointment I woke up in the night with another arrhythmia! But this one is totally different to the other two and could have been caused by my heart becoming irritated during the poceedure! So I'm now on flecainide 100mg taking twice daily and bisporolol 10mg taking once daily! Hopefully the drugs work and I can be weaned off them in a couple of months once my heart has recovered! If not I have to have a far far worse operation in which a rod has to be fed through my heart whilst I'm out cold! 

I just felt I should share my story with others that may find it helpful. All I can say is don't worry too much if you're going to have an ablation, it isn't too bad overall! And not many will be as unlucky as me! I was discharged yesterday so this is a bang up to date story and I'll keep you updated if anything else happens (hopefully it won't though and I'm sorted) 

Also mine was an odd one because I don't drink alcohol and haven't done since May 2015, I've never smoked in my life and although I used to drink Pepsi and monster energy drinks a lot, I even cut that out! 

I guess what I'm saying is don't worry if you have this, it can be sorted and your arrhythmia probably/ hopefully isn't as bad as mine was! 

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Interesting scenario. Glad you are OK now especially as you are so young for all this.

Are you in the UK ?  Which area ?



Thank you very much, I feel like I'll be ok yeah, and yeah I am from the UK, down in the south west (Devon and Cornwall area) 


Presumably this was Supra Ventricular Tachycardia -- SVT ?


Yes, the two they attempted to fix were SVT, I'm not sure about this third one however. 


Was Atrial Fibrillation mentioned?


You can still get better without another operation. It took me about 6 months for my heart to calm down after the ablation. But I still take B blockers, 50mg every day, no coffee, no alcohol, no energy drinks... life is good anyway.

Energy drinks and cola, pepsi is the worst thing you can do to you body, so my advice is to stop with them. :)

Good luck.

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I've had the ablation done under sedation only, and then the morphine. Thought the whole thing was brill to be honest. Anyhow, hope your problems go away asap. 



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