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What did you enjoy with your pancakes?

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We had 2 courses, savoury pancakes with pulled pork, guacamole and onion, followed by a dessert course of pancakes with strawberries and a drizzle if maple syrup.

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This sounds really delicious, Cooper27 . Glad you enjoyed it. Do you have pancakes once a week?😀👍🥞

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Cooper27Administrator in reply to Activity2004

No, we just have them for pancake day and maybe 3 more times a year as a treat?

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What a combination, lovely 😁 to be honest I had forgotten it was shrove Tuesday. On the radio they had a phone in on fillings people had in pancakes and one that really stood out was cherry pie clotted cream and toasted almonds 😊 sounded delicious.

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We had buckwheat blinis and cheese with our tomato soup. Only remembered it was pancake day because of the grandchildren! (They had the more usual pancakes, with chocolate spread).

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I had maple syrup on mine. I didn’t like the syrup much though. Today, I had leftover pancakes with Belgian chocolate sauce. That was better.

I would rsther have lemon and sugar but couldn’t find any squeeze lemon juice in supermarket.

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I had mine the Dutch way with bacon and maple syrup, naughty I know but I don’t think it matters once a year!

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