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GF Waffles 🧇: Lunch 11-27-2022

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For today’s lunch, I had extra crunchy peanut butter with two gluten free waffles and a Greek lemon meringue yogurt. Everything was delicious and the total amount of carbs. for the meal was 61. We have waffles every Sunday afternoon for lunch, but the flavor of yogurt is different now and then.

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That sounds perfect Leah, I would definitely enjoy that - how delicious and filling 😋

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Kitten-whiskers

Thank you, Debs. It’s really delicious and lots of protein with the peanut butter and Greek yogurt.😀👍

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Kitten-whiskersAdministrator in reply to Activity2004

Really ideal 🙃

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Peanut butter is my kids favourite spread.. they had peanut butter sandwich and fresh warm soya milk for supper last night..

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Happyman5

I really enjoy the crunchy peanut butter.😀👍

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