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Meal of the Month

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We thought we might start a competition for a bit of fun :)

To enter, please post a photo of your best meal below, and tell us a bit about it. The owner of the meal with the most likes at the end of the month, will win a shiny new badge for their profile!

The rules of the competition: meal must be in keeping with "healthy eating", multiple entries permitted. Ties will be decided by admin :)

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Love competitions 😁

Hi! I am new to this community and have not posted yet. I thought this fun little competition might be a good place to jump in and start joining with all of the yummy meals that get posted! My entry is simple, but delicious and healthy. It is a Strawberry Pecan salad with homemade Strawberry Balsamic dressing and Garlic Naan bread. The salad is full of mixed baby greens, chickpeas, pecans, strawberries, feta (I use plant based feta) and croutons. It is then drizzled with the balsamic.

Strawberry Pecan salad with homemade Strawberry Balsamic
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Cooper27Administrator in reply to Bluemerlegirl

This looks delicious Bluemerlegirl :)

And welcome to HU/HE!

Thank you! I’m excited to join in the meal posting! :)

I would like to reply to Bluemeralegirl and say that her meal looks really attractive and just jumps out of the page. This makes me want to have it for b/fast but haven’t got everything, for example the shop didn’t have any strawberries as I like the idea of the balsamic mixing with the strawberry juice. Maybe another berry and white wine vinegar could work.

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Cooper27Administrator in reply to Biomet

It does, doesn't it!

I'm going to tag Bluemerlegirl so she sees this, as it's not appeared under her post :)

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Biomet in reply to Cooper27

Thank you Cooper27, that would be helpful to everyone.

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Bluemerlegirl in reply to Biomet

Hi Biomet! That salad is so simple to make, but tastes so good!! I’ll bet you could absolutely use another vinaigrette with it!! I also love balsamic on fruit! Let me know how you like it, if you decide to make it! :)

Today I’ve got a rare day off work, and originally thought I’d make vegan calamari. But, as I had the time, I’ve been busy gathering and carrying hay for my sheep, which was time consuming and tiring, and in the end I opted for something easy to get. Having been on my annual trip into the town last month, I had a bit of a stock of different foods. I don’t know how healthy this was, but I certainly enjoyed what was quite different for me: vegan gluten-free spinach and wild garlic ravioli, vegan sweet chilli Quorn fillet, baked beans which I rarely eat but made an instant sauce of sorts, and some Brussels sprouts. No skill required, but I enjoyed this meal very much 😋

A warming meal
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Cooper27Administrator in reply to HungryHufflepuff

This sounds like quite an inventive plate, for how busy your day was 😁 I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

Thank you 😊 For my dessert I had stewed apple and quince.

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I haven't had time to go food shopping this week yet, but I thought this was quite a colourful combination of odds and ends from our freezer and cupboards, so here we go:

Tandoori chicken with stir fried veg and coconut rice :)

I'll never make my millions as a food photographer, I forgot to deal with the steam 😆

Tandoori chicken with stir fry veg and coconut rice
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secrets22 in reply to Cooper27

just love Tandoori chicken,and this looks marvellous.

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Final week for entries everyone!

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