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My goal for 2022. 2 stone has to go . My body feels stiff so I’m hoping to walk more and do some stretching exercises

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An excellent goal Dollydaydream65. Wishing you all the best with getting there 👍

Thank you reading post on here are really encouraging

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You're welcome Dollydaydream65, and don't forget to let us know how you are getting on with your plan!

Regular stretching and breathing exercises is a must for me in the really helps to get the day started. When I lost 11 kilos nearly two years ago, the benefits were tremendous..

Stay motivated and the two stone will fall off you..😊

Thankyou happyman4 let’s hope so

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Hi and welcome to the group, Dollydaydream65. :-)

Here's the link to the HE and Exercise Topic listed under the Topics Section for some ideas/suggestions. Please see:

I hope this helps. :-)

Hi Dollydaydream65

Wishing you success with your goal for 2022. Cheering you on.

Zest :-)

Welcome aboard. You can certainly achieve your goal and if you take it slow and steady you are much more likely to keep the weight off longterm. Like you, I started with 2st to lose. It took me ten months, but that was 7 years ago I've kept it off ever since. You can too, good luck..

Well done for loosing and maintaining . It really is about support and encouragement from people like you that really help . Thankyou

You won't be short of support on this site from "losers" old and new. Several long term maintainers pop into the general forum from time to time, although we also have a monthly Maintainers Club to help us stay on track ( to be found in Pinned Posts) . You are welcome to look at individual profiles and learn from their journeys if it helps you. All the best.

There is a fabulous lady who runs a site called Fabulous 50s. I don't know how old you are so don't mean to imply by the way! But she does lovely stretches and I love her 5 min stretch video. It hits all the spots, is lovely and gentle and very effective. You sound in a similar spot to me but I have at least 3-4 stone to lose but I do sympathise. My aim is exactly yours, to stretch and walk more but keep it gentle! Good luck

Wow I’m 56 so just looked fabulous 50 up .I’m definitely going to give it a go . Good luck on your journey to weight loss

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