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Why does HIIT help me a lot sometimes?

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If i do HIIT and my body is able for it (meaning my adrenals are in decent shape at the time) then it can improve all my symptoms by about 70% in the space of only a week. This all depends on how my adrenals are functioning though because if they are functioning badly and i do it then i'll feel worse. I suspect i have autoimmune disease but i don't have my results yet. My body is just very toxic anyways. Why would HIIT help so much? Is it to do with hormones?

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What did your doctor say about the HIIT?

I didn't actually mention it to her.

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Can you please let her know when you get the results for the blood tests?

Yes i will.

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Sounds great! :-)

You probably don’t have an autoimmune disease. It’s just that the littlest things can drag you down when it comes to Adrenal Fatigue. I’ve noticed that just a little lack of sleep, the wrong food or even getting stressed out will prevent me from having the energy to exercise.


I'm not so sure about that. My dad has celiac, my auntie on his side has it too. My granny on his side has overactive thyroid and i suspect more people on his side could have autoimmune and they do too. I think i might have adrenal fatigue along with an autoimmune disease.

Hi Garrett21. What makes you think that healthiskey might not have an autoimmune disease?

I don’t know for sure but I said that because that’s exactly what I thought too, that is until I tested for Autoimmune decease and my results came back normal. If you have ever had an extreme case of Adrenal Fatigue then you would know that one day you could feel like you’re dying and the next day feel like you’re just hanging in there. It’s actually hard to believe that such little glands can create so many symptoms. Just saying..

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I will be sending a message to you soon. When I have sent it, I will let you know to look for it.

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Please check your private messages on HU. Message sent now.😀

Hi healthiskey. Any sort of exercise increases endorphins (the feel good neurotransmitter) and relieves stress. It also increases circulation, improves digestion, increases elimination of waste (sweating out toxins, urination, defecation) which in turn makes you feel better, and improves sleep.

True adrenal problems don't fluctuate. Feeling worse after exercise could be caused by poor sleep, the ingredients in what you ate, eating too much, eating too little, an unbalanced diet, lack of nutrients, dehydration, blood glucose problems (effected by what you eat), lack of amino acids or complete protein chains in general, low electrolytes, etc.

I'm unclear why you think your body is toxic. When you described why you thought it was toxic before, those symptoms did not sound like toxicity. If toxic, what is the source of the toxin and which toxin is it? Toxicity has to come from somewhere. It could be an external source such a something you are putting inside or on your body (foods, supplements, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, lotions containing chemicals, food ingested that has been treated with pesticides), exposure to an environmental toxin (living on or near a farm that sprays pesticides, near a factory that produces smoke or fumes, exposure to lead paint, exposure to rodents, radon gas, toxic molds, new building supplies that emit chemical fumes). Another way is if an organ is not functioning properly and cannot filter out impurities. Toxicity could also come from within if you are constipated for a long period of time and unable to eliminate waste (which contains toxins) from your body.

It was just poor choice of wording on my behalf. When i said my body is very toxic i just mean it's in bad shape with all the symptoms i'm having. I just need these test results sooner rather than later. I should have them on Tuesday. I'm worried that it will come back with nothing wrong.

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I think I know what you mean. When are you getting the results from your blood tests?

It would be interesting. Please keep us updated.

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Should have them on Tuesday.