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I think vegetables make my symptoms worse?

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My healths been doing good for the past few months but recently it's started going bad again and it's ever since i started eating more vegetables. This seems to happen everytime i up my vegetable in take my health gets worse.

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What vegetables do you eat usually for lunch and dinner? What did your doctor say about the issue?

different types of vegetables its none in particular

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Have you tried separate types of vegetables?

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Hi healthiskey

Glad to hear your health had been going good for the past few months, but sorry to hear you've noticed some difficulty more recently - and that you feel that change is down to vegetables.

I really hope you will be able to find out what is causing you the difficulties, and that you can enjoy some more comfortable times again.

Zest :-)

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healthiskey in reply to Zest

good to hear from you again Zest... thanks!

I would go and see a GP if I were you. Maybe you have a food intolerance to a particular food which is making you feel crappy. I highly doubt it is vegetables in general and I'm sure it must be one particular food you are eating. Keep a food diary for a week and write how you feel too. That way you can see if there is any link to a particular food on the days you feel worse.

I have seen a gp and got tests done i'm waiting on the results.

I think my mental health could be causing my physical ailments. I'm talking to a therapist at the moment. I have social anxiety but there could be something else as well. My therapist mentioned that he wouldn't be surprised at all if it was all caused by my mental health.

Hi heathiskey - by all means get your gp to rule out anything more serious, but it may be that paying for a BANTS nutritionist will be more helpful - in my experience there is a limit in what the NHS can help with in this area. Agree with donttrustaskinnycook about keeping a food and symptoms diary - it made it really obvious I had a problem with gluten. In terms of vegetables - I know the nightshades group can provoke sensitivities - includes things like tomatoes, peppers, potato and aubergine. And some veg contain high levels of histamine - including mushrooms, spinach, pumpkin. But of course the phytonutrients contained in vegetables are vital to good heath. I'm currently aiming to eat 9-12 different plants daily to boost my digestive health. It's not easy lol! Wishing you lots of luck in managing your symptoms!

Thanks i have went to the gp and got tests done i am waiting on the results.

My guess is there are three possible digestion issues that map be affecting your gut, oxylates, hystamines and salicylates. Knowing exactly what your issue is key. For example adding probiotics can be a great way to help heal a gut, but do that when your gut is not ready and you are asking for trouble, big time. Another example is many people increase leafy greens such as spinach. This again is highly recommendable providing you don't have an oxylate issue.

I am not an expert here, but gojiman nutrition is gojimannutrition.com/ He provides links to the relevant tests etc at no benefit to himself, and provides guidance on how to work through the tests and important the right process to heal your gut. He is busy writing an ebook which he says will be free, but in the meantime he has an extensive range of youtube videos covering the subject, including case studies.

Even if you dont have these issues making sure you are in the clear should be a good thing.

There are lots of possibilities, depends on your symptoms. Please check with your doctor to start with.

Not everybody can cope with a lot of veg and you may just have to be selective.

I imagine you are charting what you are eating & how you feel each day. Be a detective ... it may be one item causing your problem or the amount of veggies could be the culprit. In any case it maybe helpful information for your doctor.

I'm sorry you've been getting worse. Upping my intake of veg makes me worse but that's because I have IBS. I also have Emetophobia and don't think that helps. I'm currently seeing a CBT therapist and it's going well.

I really hope things get better but IBS/intolerance might also be contributing.

Take care.

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