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I think I need to start taking some vitamins daily/weekly. Does anybody here take them and which ones?

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What is it that makes you think you need vitamins? Do you have any signs of deficiencies?

The type of vitamins you need depend on quite a lot if factors: your diet, lifestyle and health conditions, where you live, so what's right for me (Scotland, with hashimotos) may not be right for you.

I see you are in the UK, so the one blanket thing I'd suggest is to take a vitamin D supplement over the winter months (Oct to Feb) - around 1000IU a day should be enough.

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Saeeda1 in reply to Cooper27

It’s because I get tired so easily everyday and shouldn’t do really being only 41. (Only lol)Lots of friends have advised me to aswell because I seem to be getting ill very easily recently. Catching a cold etc

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Cooper27Administrator in reply to Saeeda1

That sounds a little bit like a vitamin D deficiency (but it could be other things too). Your doctor is unlikely to test vitamin D for you unfortunately, but you can test for yourself.

You can order a fingerprick blood test from the likes of Medichecks, which include the main 4 culprits (ferritin, folate, B12 and vitamin D) and you can treat accordingly. Look for results low in range too, as sometimes boosting them a little can make you feel better.

Do you get enough sleep and drink enough water?

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happytulip in reply to Saeeda1

Wouldn't it best to speak to a GP and get a routine set if bloods done first? Speaking to a GP may help and they can do a full blood count and iron studies. They can see if you have vitamin deficiency or an iron deficiency. Best to do this before spending a fortune on supplements that you likely won't absorb much of.

People say that you are what you eat. That's not necessarily the case. You are what you absorb. The best way to boost your vitamin intake is eating a balanced diet. Eat the rainbow.

I would agree with Cooper though. Most people in the UK are vit D deficient so I would definitely encourage you to consider taking that.

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Paul0208 in reply to Saeeda1

Get your iron level checked

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Hi Saeeda1,

Have you talked to your doctor about starting daily use of vitamins? Did you get told which vitamins would be helpful for you personally?

No I’ve not spoken to the doctor. Even if the doc says yeh the vitamins we’d have to buy ourselves. Not on prescription I don’t understand that to be honest. But anyway it’s for myself so I’m willing to

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Saeeda1

Please contact your doctor and ask if they feel that you will need to be on specific vitamins before you start them to be on the safe side of things. Some medications can work differently for each person.

Very true. Some people don't realise that vitamin supplements can be harmful. For example, an excess of vitamin A can damage the liver.

Pro-biotics to help boost your gut microbiome. 💗

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FatbuddyHigh Risk

No one gets all of the nutrients needed for body from food we eat. Each person has different body, and different bbn life style and eat different food.

Each human being N loses certain hormones and vitamins , starting at age 35 -- at rate of 1 % to 3 % per year. Every one should take multivitamins, Vitamin D, C and B12. Also vitamin A and E is recommended.

Once a person is age 40 or 45, should do detail blood work and adjust dosage of vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin C helps immunity, A helps eyes and E is an antioxident.

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deejames in reply to Fatbuddy

I cannot see the need for for all these supplements unless someone has a restricted diet . Vit D yes for northern countries or those who do not get access to sunlight but a good diet is preferable to taking expensive and often unnecessary pills in my opinion.

My GP says we should all be taking vit D. Lots of people find that makes them feel better.Talk to your chemist as some have to be taken with caution

My husband was not feeling well about six months ago, and as he drinks more than the average amount,I suggested he start taking vitamin d, and he had said he feels better and had also cut back on his drink.We have always had a good diet, but I believe that if we abuse our bodies it is bound to have consequences.

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Hi Saeeda it’s a vexed situation with science telling us we don’t need supplements in pill form except in exceptional circumstances and a lucrative vitamin industry persuading us that we do.So, if we decide to take a supplement, it can’t harm anything but our pockets, right?

Well not necessarily. Large doses of the wrong thing can be toxic and worse, if we self diagnose things like exhaustion and self medicate with vitamins we can miss serious life threatening illnesses in the process.

And that’s why, in my opinion you should be cautious with vitamins and not think of them as always helpful and harmless.

If you can’t be bothered with a doctor and some blood work first, then at least be aware that more isn’t more helpful and that you can cause yourself harm through taking supplements. So maybe keep it basic with a good multivitamin and a healthy dose of scepticism and awareness that what manufacturers want is less about your health and more about their profit.

It has to be said that the same can be said for the manufacturers of pharmaceuticals too though: “..less about your health and more about their profit”! 😬

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to Simes11

Absolutely agreed. No profit = no drug!


I think that is a good idea you start taking vitamins.

I think a lot of the general population is deficient on certain vitamins and minerals which leads to illness.

As a 42 yr old female I'd say that Vitamin K2-Mk7 is an essential as it regulates where calcium is deposited and keeps it out of the vascular system and in the bones where it's supposed to be and women of your age and higher are particularly vulnerable to osteoporosis. Otherwise as others have said a vitamin d3 supplement is very important in winter in this country. Other than that try to improve your diet by avoiding refined sugars and starch and processed food including fruit juice and most shop bought bread and make sure that you eat plenty of dark leafy green veg.

Please don't make the mistake that vitamin pills will help you improve your health, unless you are sure you have a deficiency. I would personally avoid them, due to many studies indicating viatmin pills are actually bad for you or even KILL YOU.

Sorry, but there is no better nourishment than fruits and veg, so stock up :-)

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Eryl in reply to hsq6390

Not a lot of fruit except for the less sweet high fibre fruits and those high in antioidants like berries as the sweeter ones have to much damaging fructose. The term "fruit and veg" is a marketing idea.

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hsq6390 in reply to Eryl

Great point, Eryl.

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FatbuddyHigh Risk

How many people wear eye glasses ??

How many people get bone fractures and knee replacements ??

How many people write down what and how much they eat every day, breakfast , lunch, dinner and drinks -- and then how many do count how much vitamins and minerals consumed ? Then compared with RDA and blood work ?

All I can say is be careful of the promise of vitamins. I once looked after someone who took vitamin A everyday after reading an article in a womens health magazine. 18 months later she was in liver failure and listed for a transplant. Yes, it's an extreme case but it it can still happen. Seeing a doctor and discussing your symptoms may give them the opportunity to make sure that your health is in good order and nothing is amiss before deciding to turn to supplements.

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Kitten-whiskersVegan star

Hello Saeeda1, do you have any symptoms/ deficiencies? I have used supplements for years and my health is the best its been, I do change the vitamins depending on symptoms etc

I do not just take supplements for the sake of it, only when I feel they are required, like with anything you there is a balance

Best wishes


i take vit D tablets 2 times 25ug or 1,000I.U and have done thro covid . we cant make Vit D in UK as there is so little sun. very cheap and readily available

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