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Vitamins. Tablets or fruits & vegetablets?


Hey everyone, what do you think about the vitamins in tablets? I don't eat regularly and I don't have much time to cook. I'm often tired. Everyone says I should take more vitamins. That's for sure. Do these vitamins in tablets actually help? Is it better to eat more fruits and vegetables?

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Hi maya002

This article from the East Jefferson General Hospital, entitled "Fruit & Veg Versus Supplements" gives some really helpful information about this subject, and I thought they detailed the issues well in that article, which I think is an information sheet for patients, it's only 1 page long and well summarised:

I hope it's helpful.

Welcome to the Healthy eating forum.

Zest :-)

maya002 in reply to Zest

thank u i will check it:)

Hi Maya

My understanding is that it’s always best to get all our nutrients from natural food sources as body is able to assimilate these more readily than the synthetic versions in pills

maya002 in reply to Mistydawn

what about a herbal tablet or a tablet with natural ingredients and minerals?

Mistydawn in reply to maya002

Hi Maya002, again I would reiterate getting the nutrients from diet is probably the best option as the foodstuffs will also contain other nutrients which help the body to absorb the key nutrients it needs but I do understand that nutrients may deteriorate in natural foodstuffs. Failing nutrients from the diet, I would opt for sublingual as these go straight into the blood stream and bypass the stomach.

Hope this helps and remember it’s just what I believe.

Best wishes


maya002 in reply to Mistydawn

sublingual? Can you recommend something? I have never heard of it before: o

Mistydawn in reply to maya002

Hi Maya, certain vitamins and minerals can be found in an emulsion form or spray form. For example, I take a drop of vitamin D in emulsion form under my tongue (sublingual) in the winter months. I take vitamin K2 in a spray form on the inside cheek of my mouth. Vitamin B12 is injected etc.

It all depends on what nutrients your body is short on.

Hope this helps

Misty x

benwl in reply to maya002

I think you are still much better getting vitamins and minerals from real fruits and veggies.

The main reason is that these contain such a huge variety of chemicals, not just vitamins and minerals but phytonutrients as well, and this variety just cannot be replicated in a tablet even if the sources for the tablet are claimed to be natural.

Kitten-whiskersVegan star

Hello Maya002,

I will always top up with certain supplements, when I was really poorly, I had to rely on supplements to get my body into a much better place and they really did help.

I know the food we have today due to the quality of the soil, cooking methods etc our food doesn't have the nutritonal value that it used to have, so where possible I eat lots of good, healthy food but I do top up with supplements

Best wishes


Thank you for the answer ... I am also of this opinion. There is so much talk now about healthy nutrition and vitamins, and everything is artificial anyway. I'm just wondering how to recognize good quality vitamins that are well absorbed?


I`m not as easily won over ... I need to ask why you don`t have time to prepare a meal?

You can`t live on supplements and an inferior diet and inferior diet and tiredness go hand in hand.

There are plenty of books and google searches that will show you healthy meals that can be produced in under an hour.

maya002 in reply to Hidden

If I had an hour, I would change my life: D,

I have very little time lately. I work in 2 different kind od jobs prepare for the wedding and look after the mother of my fiancé who is also disabled ... I come home late in the evening and the only thing I dream about is a shower and a sleep :( my fiancé has the same. Everything will last for about 4 months yet

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