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Buckwheat flake porridge with raisins

Good morning everyone, this morning I made porridge for breakfast with buckwheat flakes raisins and organic whole milk which I sweetened it slightly with Manuka honey. Its a tad nippy here this morning so this is like internal central heating and has given me a nice sense of inner well being so what a great way to start the day.

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Morning Jerry, here's mine, chopped apple and banana with grapes and Quark. Topped off with a spoonful of rose hip syrup. Keeps me full till lunchtime because the Quark adds protein whilst being fat free. Have a good day 😊

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Good morning Alice and what an. attractive breakfast you had today I'm impressed in. fact I'm very impressed as it looks and sounds luscious. 😊

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This sounds really good for a nippy/cool morning, Hidden. I like having raisins and cinnamon added to oatmeal/porridge when we do homemade. We use to have that that way when we were going on vacation and had breakfast in a hotel a few years ago. 😀👍

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Thanks Leah and cinnamon sounds a great flavour for it. 😊

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Thank you and you're welcome. Cinnamon is one of my favorite flavors to add to oatmeal now and then. :-)

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MW923 in reply to Activity2004

I wish I could eat oatmeal, I miss it. Yum

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Hey me too MW923 being a coeliac I miss lots of things so understand how you feel having to avoid oatmeal.

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I love oatmeal too.😔

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Cinnamon, good idea Activity, that would go with the raisins well.

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Thank you for saying this, zube-UK. Cinnamon and raisin are the two favorite flavors that I enjoy using when having oatmeal. They also are my favorites for using in baking, too. :-)

That looks delicious l only thing I can't have raisins to much sugar. Yum you made me hungry

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Thanks MW923 I’m sorry you have to limit raisins at least you can have a few.

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I wish 😔

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I’m sorry MW923 you have to avoid fructose it seems so unfair sometimes.

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It is but I have no choice.

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That looks lovely and creamy Jerry and very nice with raisins - I have been having mine with goji berries or dried banana

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Thanks Debs I bet that yours is really nice.

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I do enjoy it 🙃

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Hi Hidden

Glad you enjoyed your breakfast, and that internal central heating is a great feeling, isn't it.

Zest :-)

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Thank you Zest I’m afraid it’s not in the same league as your porridge…

This looks good Jerry, GF so I use buckwheat a lot, it’s full of good nutrients, fibre and magnesium, said to be heart healthy, all the more reason to use it. I’ve got some buckwheat flour and groats but never tried the flakes, will get some now and try your mix with raisins, love raisins and may add some flaked up Brazil nuts too, thanks for the idea.

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Hey thanks zube-UK I also use buckwheat four but not groats so I’ll have to try some of those. Buckwheat flakes also make really nice flapjacks:


And what a combo buckwheat raisins and Brazil nuts! Absolutely packed with nutrients and gluten free. 😊

Thanks for the link and recipe, sorry I missed it, living next door to younger family members keeps me on my toes, I don’t even get time to watch TV anymore. I will make your flapjacks though, they won’t last long here!

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