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Metabolic syndrome (disease) can be managed with IF.

Hi everyone,

This is good news for sufferers of hereditary metabolic syndrome whose genetic makeup interferes with their metabolism resulting in obesity type 2 diabetes heart disease to name a few conditions that are of concern to sufferers and their families.

Here's about Metabolic syndrome and a link to support and awareness of this condition, please see:

In the spirit of all things HealthUnlocked 2 members of the HU support team. started Fasting and Furious in the summer of 2018 and we helped to promote the F&F community on HE so I volunteered to be admin. The community has grown and has recently broken the 1000 members so it's a success story thanks to you and HU.

One success story is Subtle_badger who in my opinion is a fasting hero as in just over 2 years has lost weight by fasting and eating an LCHF diet and this is the secret to find what works for us and then share with everyone why it works for us.

(What works for me is a whole food gluten free diet with plenty of exercise, so its not a one size fits all, its finding what works for us)

Obviously fasting isn't for everyone and due diligence is required especially with long fasts.

So top marks to SB and here's a link to F&F with an interesting recent scientific article on how IF can help to manage Metabolic syndrome:

F&F welcomes all members who are interested in fasting and the benefits of fasting, so members are encouraged with tailor made badges for their weight and fasting regimes so please feel free to join us if you think that IF could be of benefit to you.

Thank you,


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Thanks for the mention, Jerry 💜 also 😳

(for the record, I reached my goal July 2020, it's been maintenance since)

in reply to Subtle_badger

Hey its well deserved Subtle_badger especially as you've maintained a healthy weight since 2020. 😊

Personally fasting didn't enter my mind when I decided to start my weight loss journey.. I thought why go without food when you can lose all the weight you want by eating regular meals..and enjoy them ..I did start to put on photos of the delicious wholesome meals I was cooking through my weight loss but unfortunately H U rules forbid historical posts. As this is not a weight loss forum, I avoid talking about it in my posts..

But as you mentioned it in this post Jerry, and you are admin. I feel it won't be of topic to say I lost 11 kilos in under 11 weeks by July of last year under very difficult and stressful circumstances I was living in at the time..what helped me most was been part of the weight loss forum all the way through it..

I choose to cut out food with high carbohydrates, but also foods high in fats.. oils, dairy products, fruits high in sugar..the quality of food changed ten fold for the better..and am still very much at I healthy weight.

Many many people have achieved their goal with lowering their carb intake and many people have achieved their goal with counting calories.. it simpley takes commitment.

I did see some videos on YouTube that fasting has some health benefits, but it seem to me a unnecessary thing to do if you just want to lose weight.

Fasting is another tool for weight loss which as I said is not a one size fits all remedy.

I think it’s great that you lost 11Kg but I don’t know if you are still over weight or what your general health is.

So well done for losing weight I have a max and min weight range and find it easy to keep myself within these weights so my BMI ranges from 20 to 21. I’ve scales that send a small electrical signal through my body to measure my body fat and that was18.2% this morning my BMI is just under 21 and my cholesterol levels are optimum with my good cholesterol HDL being over twice my LDL and I’m well under the max advised.

If any members have a metabolic issue then it’s useful for them to be aware of this as we promote healthy eating and lifestyle and our metabolism affects our eating needs.

The fasting community is primarily for those interested in fasting and there is the well known and very popular HU WeighLoss community for all weight watchers, so here’s a link:

Ideally we should all eat well for us and our needs and that’s what this community wants to encourage.

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Thank you Jerry, yes 11 kilos was an amazing amount of weight to lose, especially in the very short time of 10 weeks 5 days. I found the weight loss forum invaluable in helping me on a daily basis to stay focused.. actually one of the members that was most supportive through my weight loss journey was Subtle_badger I never did get the chance to thank her for that. Unfortunately I left H U before I could do that.

Am still very much at healthy weight, I have put on a kilo or two, but I think I went a bit under the weight that I felt comfortable with, but am fine now.

Something I have been reading about a lot in the past year or so was about why some people put on weight more easily then others..this was because of concern of my youngest son who put on weight and his older brother can eat double but still stays slim.

I have read as much as there is on the internet about Metabolism, Gene's and ofcourse read a lot on the forums.

People can choose to benefit from whatever diet suits them and if you find fasting helpful, then do it..I was just expressing my opinion that there's no need for it if you just want to lose weight.

I still read regularly on the weight loss forum and I always try to encourage people looking to lose weight that is the best place for them because of my personal experience in there. Ofcourse this forum can also be very helpful.

Thanks for listening. 😊

Hi Jerry, I’m not sure I would agree that fasting for weight loss is necessarily a good thing. However, I appreciate that some individuals might find it useful to kick start their weight loss. You rightly say that it’s not for everyone and due diligence should guide prolonged fasting😊Like you, my BMI is as it should be for my height etc and I have never been over weight. I don’t fast - my food is my fuel - but I like to think I eat sensibly with the occasional treat and have always eaten small portions. Healthy eating, exercise and plenty of hydration (always overlooked but just as important) seems to be best for me. I have nursed individuals who have become ‘addicted’ to fasting and it’s morphed in to an eating disorder but I’m sure that is rare and not applicable here. Very interesting post, thank you😊

For folks to understand why fasting for long term weight loss is such a good thing for most people who have struggled with it, they probably should tune into some of the podcasts by Dr. Jason Fung. He explains it so well. (And BTW, LOSING weight is actually quite easy. It's keeping it off that is the problem. And it has very little to do with "willpower" or "sensible choices")

And yes, if you have a certain type of metabolism, you must, I suppose, become addicted to fasting, in that you must never stop doing some version of it to keep you at a normal weight.

The interesting thing is that the opposite, snacking all day, is good for folks who must gain weight. Gaining is not easy either. I've been in both camps.

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