June 2017 Monthly Meeting

We will be having a Monthly Meeting on June 10th. It will be starting at 10 am (USA time), 2:30 pm (UK time) and 7:30 pm (India time). Please follow this posting so you know when a new comment/question is brought up-- this is the way the meeting is going to be held. If there are any questions, feel free to let us know.

The agenda goes like this:

1. New Members and New Administrator(s)/Volunteers

2. New Members List

3. Group Motto/Policy

4. Report/Reply Buttons-- which is which and how they work.

5. Star Badges

6. Questions/Comments/Ideas

Hope to "see" you then this weekend! :-)

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  • It is sad to note that any member restricted, remains restricted, There is no mechanism or process in place by which, restricted cases are reviewed and evaluated at monthly interval. Any member who got restricted should automatically be un restricted after three months, if there is no fresh charge.

    My proposal for consideration in the meeting. Who will take decision in this matter ? Same persons who effected the restriction ?

    A team from members of community should be constituted ,called the review committee under chair of chief administrator, will review all disciplinary matters and take well considered, independent decisions.

  • good suggestion to improve better participation in the forum. Activity 2004 to consider on merits

  • I have been drinking coke my entire life and what could I do?

  • I will be there

  • Great!

  • I will be there...

  • Great! Thank you for letting me know.

  • Thank you. I will be there.

  • if I would change in my life and take in parts of my heathy eating

  • i mark my presence for this meeting.Am I early or the meeting is delayed?

  • I am also here for the meeting.

  • We're starting right now. Welcome!

  • Is everyohe here that said they wanted to come?

  • Before we start with the Agenda issues, I was given a message from Zest saying she wasn't going to be able to attend our meeting today, but she will be back in July. She went on a vacation.

  • Okay, now for the Agenda part of our meeting.

  • Meeting should start. Already six min. late.

  • Can the meeting be cancelled due to lack of quorum ?

  • We will continue.

  • First of all, we have new Administrators, Members and Volunteers. They are: Activity2004, Shashikantiyengar (Administrators), Volunteers are: rvmasalvad and ObeseDoctor.

  • We will try to help as much as possible with any questions you have.

  • Along with new Members, I've been working on the New Members List that is pinned to the Pinned Posts section for everyone to welcome the new Members. A new list will be posted each month.

  • Good morning... I am here... sorry for late

  • Only 3 persons including administrator is in attendance .

  • I here patliputra

  • Shashikantiyengar must be on the way...

  • Ok.

  • More will be on their way.

  • I am here.

  • Great!

  • welcome all .All are familiar faces except Obese doctor.Can he be introduced to the members?

  • In a meeting. Still will keep participating

  • Okay!

  • ObeseDoctor is a new Volunteer and Member of the group who will help with certain questions everyone has for their postings/comments. He will also help with the Spam Control issues we've been having recently.

  • For those who are from DI, can someone explain what the Motto/Group Policy is?

  • DI and all groups on HU are support groups..

  • Okay, cure. What about the "Everyone gets along and works as a team" motto/policy?

  • Great

    Good motto

  • Thank you!

  • ofcoz that is the final aim...

  • How do you all want to go about doing this?

  • For the next item on the agenda, we will be talking about the Report/Reply buttons and how they work and which is which.

  • First, the Reply button is GREEN. You can reply to postings and/or comments using this one.

  • The Report button is with the DOWN ARROW, so you have to click on the arrow and then click REPORT if you see spam or something that is inappropriate/offensive language/trolling/personal abuse/etc.. There has been some reports done in mistake and I had to let HU know that they should disregard those reports. This has happened a few times now on DI and Healthy Eating in the last few days....

  • Guess incidences are alarmingly high??

  • Some of the reports are not real problems. Clicking the wrong button. Does that male sense?

  • In this forum it is not so i presume .activity 2004 may comment on cure,s guess

  • Can you explain?

  • i have not come across any one aggressively attacking other member,s comments or replies

  • Does anyone have any questions about this issue?

  • And guess HU is keeping watch on IP address of such accidents?

  • They say that they will disregard what is NOT A REAL REPORT. For example, giving a member advice to check out another group on HU shouldn't be a reason to report someone. Members and Administrators are allowed to recommend other groups if they see a need for it to be done.

  • Good evening,everybody!

  • good evening alwaysoptimistic

  • Hello! Did you want to say something about the Report/Reply button issue?

  • Any other questions with this issue?

  • If there are no more questions about reporting/replying, then we will continue to the next issue.

  • Okay, the next issue is about Star Badges and how that works.

  • Star Badges are for comments and/or postings that are done by members that can help everyone in the group with information. These will be posted on the Pinned Post Section. Each Member who gets a Star Badge will have that displayed next to their names.

  • Good decision!

  • Thank you, alwaysoptimistic!

  • Anyone have a question about the badges?

  • Do we have a minimum number of count of the helpful post or comments for the badge..?

  • Not exactly, but the way to decide who gets one is based on the information the member gives. This is used for all 3 groups (DI/DRWF/Healthy Eating). The Administrators from all of the groups listed will decide who gets the badge.

  • Any other questions on the subject for the badge or in general?

  • Is there anything anyone would like to bring up? Suggest changes? Keep things the same? Concerns?

  • Shashikantiyengar,

    Would you like to say something?

  • No

  • Okay.

  • In mid-August, I will be on a mini vacation..... I'm going to make sure we have someone that can sub. while I'm not around. That person will help DI and Healthy Eating at the same time. When we have that subbing Admin., I will make sure things will go smooth. Both DI and Healthy Eating will ALWAYS HAVE 2 Admins. at all times. DRWF has 5 total already.

  • Any questions about the plan for August?

  • no

  • Thank you!

  • Not to worry

    Will be taken care

  • Absolutely! No one is going to have to do everything on their own-- even if I'm not around.

  • may I take leave now plz Activity2004

  • Go ahead! It's okay.

  • Thank you all Have wonderful Day...happy weekend...

  • You too! Thanks for coming!

  • Anyone else have anything they'd like to bring up for discussion?

  • If there are no questions or comments, then the next meeting will be held in July. Everyone will let you know the date when we can. Around the 4th of July Weekend, I will be having a Niece! Please keep your eyes open for the next posting related to the new meeting. Hope you all will be there.

  • I have some pressing engagements. So, please allow me to leave. Thank you.

  • That's okay. Thank you for coming.

  • Thank you everyone for attending! Almost lunch time here. Have a wonderful rest of the day/evening!

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